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Independent candidate Kasamara votes in Moscow


(8 Sep 2019) Independent candidate Valeria Kasamara cast her vote in the Moscow City Council election on Sunday. Kasamara, the vice-chancellor of the Higher School of Economics, who is running as an independent, received repeated criticism during the campaign from members of the Russian opposition, who accused her of being pro-government and supporting Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. United Russia, the ruling party, which holds more than half the seats in the current city council, did not nominate any candidates for this election, with aspirants tied to the party running as nominal independents. Kasamara would have stood against a prominent opposition figure Ilia Yashin who was disqualified from the election and spent more than 40 days behind bars serving five sentences in a row connected to a series of anti-government protests. Moscow has been gripped by weekly protest rallies for more than a month, some of which attracted about 60,000 people after several opposition candidates were denied places on the ballot, including Yashin. Voter interest appeared low on Sunday, with just 5.6% of the electorate casting ballots as of noon, the city elections commission said. Find out more about AP Archive: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ​​ Instagram: 🤍 You can license this story through AP Archive: 🤍

Валерия Касамара и гадалка. В сеть утекла прослушка! Гадалка советует проректору как управлять ВУЗом


В сети опубликованы записи около 20 телефонных разговоров, участницами которых якобы были проректор Высшей школы экономики Валерия Касамара и саратовская гадалка Ирма (Эма Кальметова). Касамара в беседе с RT назвала записи очевидным фейком, а представители вуза заявили, что решается вопрос о том, обращаться ли в правоохранительные органы для проведения проверки по факту распространения сомнительного контента. В свою очередь, Кальметова утверждает, что не знает, как записи попали в сеть. При этом, если верить слитым файлам, женщины общались не только по личным вопросам. В частности, гадалка советовала собеседнице провести «чистку» в ВШЭ и обсуждала с ней политическую карьеру.

Online discussion “Quantum revolution: future occupations and educational transformation”


The Roscongress Foundation, The Russian Quantum Center, and State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom are proud to announce the fifth international online discussion within the framework of «Quantum of the Future». The fifth special discussion, titled «Quantum revolution: future occupations and educational transformation», was held 8th July at 5pm Moscow time. Moderating the event was Ruslan Yunusov, who is heading Rosatom’s project to build a quantum computer in Russia. Speakers at the fifth online discussion: • Manfred Bayer, Rector and Professor of the Technical University of Dortmund; • Pavlos Savvidis, Associate Professor at Westlake University, China, expert in the field of experimental polaritonics; • Alexander Lvovskiy, Professor at Oxford University, Principal Investigator of the «Quantum Optics» group at the Russian Quantum Center; • Mikhail Mokrinskiy, Head of the Letovo School, a private non-profit boarding school for gifted and talented students from all over Russia. Advisor to the Head of the Moscow Department of Education in the field of innovative development of educational systems and organizations; • Robert Urazov, Director General of Union «Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)», initiator of creating the «Future Skills» block; • Artem Voronov, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Pre-University Education at MIPT, Acting Director of Phystech School of Fundamental and Applied Physics where the master program on quantum technologies was launched in 2019; • Valeria Kasamara, HSE Vice Rector, Director of Institute for Applied Political Studies; • Sergey Salihov, the first vice rector of MISiS, which is one of the leading members of the consortium at the Competencies center of «Quantum communications» National Technological Initiative. The special guest of the meeting was Julia Uzhakina, Director General of Rosatom Corporate Academy. The programme is being supported by MKR Media and the Friends for Leadership business initiative in partnership with PGBgroup2.0 and online science magazine N+1.

खिलजी से भी ज़्यादा क्रूर था मालिक काफूर | Malik Kafur Ke Bare Mein Jankari Hindi Me


खिलजी से भी ज़्यादा क्रूर था मालिक काफूर | Malik Kafur Ke Bare Mein Jankari Hindi Me My Instagram: 🤍 Check Our Other Videos: इतिहास की सबसे खूबसूरत रानी की गन्दी कहानी: 🤍 सबसे पागल लोगों का देश हैती: 🤍 महाभारत युद्ध के बाद विधवाओ का क्या हुआ ?: 🤍 Egypt की काली सच्चाई जो आपसे छुपाई गई: 🤍 अलाउद्दीन खिलजी की ये सच्चाई आपसे छुपाई गई: 🤍 शाहरुख़ खान ऐसे पागल बना रहे है पठान फिल्म में लोगो को: 🤍 अल्लाउदीन खिलजी की पूरी कहानी: 🤍 About This Video: In this video, we have given you complete information about the whole life of Alauddin Khilji's commander Malik Kafur, of and told how he was born and then how he died. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About this channel- On this channel, we tell you daily interesting facts from around the world like Bollywood Facts, Mysterious Facts, History Facts and Cricket Facts.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks you so much............. #FactoidFacts #MalikKafurKeBareMeinJankariHindiMe #JankariHindiMe #FactsInHindi #MalikKafur #Padmaavat #Padmavati #KhiljiEmpireHistory #KhiljiEmpireInHindi #AllauddinKhilji #AlauddinKhiljiHistory #Queen #King #Ruller #RanveerSingh #RatanSingh #JalaluddinKhilji #Rajputana

Without Putin in Mind: What the Russian Protesters Set out to Achieve


The past few months saw a myriad of arrests in Russia with one of the latest being of 24-year-old actor Pavel Ustinov. The groundless detention is branded as one of the most absurd. 100 simultaneous searches across Russia, with at least 40 in the offices of the oppositionist Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation. Such was Russian authorities’ reaction on September 12 to the result of the scandalous election to the legislative assembly of the capital of Russia - the Moscow City Council. This was another result of Navalny’s so-called "Smart Vote" initiative. Because of it 20 of the 45 candidates who were associated with the ruling United Russia party did not make it to the Moscow City Council on September 8. And this is in spite of the fact that independent candidates were not allowed to run. This refusal to register led to the largest protests in Russia since the Bolotnaya Square protests in 2012. The election commission found the genuine signatures of the people who signed in support of 39 candidates to be fake. In July and August 2019, Muscovites religiously attended both authorized and unauthorized rallies and pickets every Saturday. There security forces detained people, applied force to peaceful protesters, which in turn caused even more indignation from Muscovites. They began calling for the release of political prisoners and for the end of repressions - on August 10, over 60,000 people gathered in Sakharov Square. Hromadske arrived in Moscow on the eve of polling day, spent the day with protesters and stayed to figure out - what’s next? In our special coverage we look beyond the protests and political struggles, we show who they are - the people who have been accused of mass riots. How did these allegations affect their families? How does society respond to repression? What is the path of the Russian opposition and how great is the discontent? Who became the civilian asset involved in human rights advocacy? Why and how did seemingly unimportant local elections change the political order? How are the protests of summer 2019 different? What did they change if unregistered candidates never came to power even at the city level, and dozens of people remain behind bars? Get up to speed on Ukraine. Follow Hromadske! 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

CSR Community | Zed Conference


Join Zed Conference 🤍 EPAM not only relentlessly pursues the best solutions for our customers – we passionately act for good. Our employees are empowered to lead socially responsible education, environmental and community initiatives for the good of the world and everyone in it. As a company, we give back to the communities where we live and work and share our time, talent and knowledge to make a difference. Time code for the video: 00:00:00 – start 00:00:05 – EPAM CSR Overview – Shamilka Samarasinha 00:10:30 – HealthBuddy APP – Jorge Yui 00:16:36 – Immunization passport – Himanshu Mishra 00:20:58 – Learning Platforms – Valeria Kasabutskaya, Dmitry Orekhov 00:27:25 – Virtual Teaching – Inna Efimchuk, Illulia Chernorutska, Natalia Williams 00:55:53 – EPAM CSR India: eKids & Translation Hackathon – John Mota 00:59:45 – Carbon Footprint Calculator – Vlada Sharifullina, Nataliia Fominykh 01:09:20 – Trashly APP – Elvin Rakhmankulov, Maxim Leykin, Arthur Dickerson Please follow us on 🤍

Белокурая крыша с мокрым подвалом ► 1 Прохождение Lollipop Chainsaw


Джульетта Старлинг – красавица, умница, и была бы комсомолкой, но есть один момент. Она – охотник на зомби. У них это семейное: охотником был папа, охотницей стала старшая сестра, а теперь и нашей блондинке предстоит порезать нежить. Школу захлестнула волна зомби и они успели покусать парня нашей героини, и чтобы тот не превратился в зомби, девушка отрезала ему голову. После небольшого магического ритуала голова обрела свою жизнь, и стала верным спутником Джульетты в её походе против оживших мертвецов во главе с помешанным готом, который призвал пятерых тёмных лордов рока. НЕ ЗАБЫВАЙТЕ ПОДПИСЫВАТЬСЯ НА КАНАЛ, СТАВИТЬ ЛАЙКИ И ПРОЖИМАТЬ КОЛОКОЛЬЧИК, ЧТОБЫ УЗНАВАТЬ О СЛЕДУЮЩИХ ТРАНСЛЯЦИЯХ!!!! ВСЕМ ПРИЯТНОГО ПРОСМОТРА. Поддержать канал 🤍

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