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Why You Need an EQ Pedal


Today I show you how a simple EQ can change your entire sound with five of my favorite tricks I use with EQ. The power within a simple graphic EQ is not to be understated, and I think those skeptical of its uses will be inspired to try out some of the drastic tone transformations you can achieve with these simple sliders. In the comments below tell me about some acoustic bluegrass, Americana, and roots music that you like! 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check out the gear in this and past episodes here: 🤍 Gear in this video: 0:34 Massive FX Pedals DallasDevilsPlay 0:45 Massive FX Pedals G.O.A.F. 2:00 Boss GE-7 🤍 4:06 Earthquaker Devices Westwood 🤍 9:17 Old Blood Noise Endeavors EQ + Buffer 🤍 9:31 Boss GEB-7 🤍 9:56 Mooer Graphic G 🤍 10:01 Danelectro Fish & Chips 🤍 10:06 Behringer EQ700 🤍 10:15 EXAR GE-02 10:18 Yamaha GE-10M II 10:20 Ibanez GE10 🤍 10:26 Arion MEQ-1 10:35 Boss EQ-20 🤍 11:05 Free The Tone PA-10G 11:23 Guyatone PS-111 11:23 Guyatone PS-105 🤍 11:49 Arion SPE-1 🤍 11:49 Guyatone PS-022 12:58 JHS Pedals Clover 🤍 Record Time: Mandolin Orange - Such Jubilee 🤍 Josh’s record player is by U-Turn Audio: 🤍 #jhs #thejhsshow #eqpedals

Yes, You Really Need an EQ


Get 30% off the Tone Course with code “EQ30” at checkout 🤍 EQ is one of those effects that many of us can pass over because it doesn’t seem super “fun” but it really is one of the most useful tools we have. Check out my brand new video course Fretboard Fundamentals here: 🤍 ———————————— SIGN UP FOR THE INNER CIRCLE HERE: 🤍 MY VIDEO COURSES: Fretboard Fundamentals 🤍 The Complete Nashville Number System video course 🤍 The Tone Course 🤍 ———————————— GEAR USED IN TODAY'S VIDEO: Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 🤍 Mogami Gold Guitar Cable 🤍 MY HOME STUDIO SETUP: Universal Audio Apollo X4 🤍 Universal Audio 4-710D Mic Pre and Compressor 🤍 Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitors 🤍 Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Mic 🤍 ———————————— MY PRESETS & PROFILES: Line 6 HX Stomp Presets 🤍 Line 6 Helix & Helix LT Presets 🤍 Kemper Profiles 🤍 Impulse Responses (Helix, Kemper, Iridium & AxeFx) 🤍 ———————————— MY SECOND CHANNEL: Rhett Shull Studio 🤍 MY DISCORD SERVER: 🤍 DEACON KNIGHT (my band): 🤍 ———————————— THE BACKSTAGE JOURNAL PODCAST: (apple) 🤍 (spotify) 🤍 ———————————— Business Enquiries Support🤍 SHIPPING ADDRESS: 5805 State Bridge Road Suite G90 Johns Creek Ga 30097 ———————————— My Video Rig (affiliate links) CAMERA: -Sony A7III (affiliate link) 🤍 LENSES: -Sony 24-105mm f4 (affiliate link) 🤍 -Sigma 35mm f1.4 (affiliate link) 🤍 -Sigma 50mm f1.4 (affiliate link) 🤍 LIGHTS: -Neewer LED Panel Bi Color (affiliate link) 🤍 SOUND: -Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic (affiliate link) 🤍 -Universal Audio Apollo X4 (affiliate link) 🤍 -Zoom H6 Handy Recorder (affiliate link) 🤍

My 10 Favourite Ways to Use an EQ Pedal


These are my ten favourite ways of using a graphic equalizer pedal. Which is your favourite? Did I miss any? Here are links to some of my favourite EQ pedals and some of the other pedals I used in the video: - Boss GE-7 Equalizer USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Boss EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - MXR M108S Ten Band EQ USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Source Audio EQ2 USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Boss OD-3 Overdrive USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Boss CE-2w Chorus USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 Timecodes: 00:00 - Intro 00:15 - 1. Re-voice Your Main Overdrive Sound 01:05 - 2. Overdrive Pedal Emulation 02:00 - 3. Re-voice Fuzz & Distortion Pedals 02:50 - 4. Choose Which Frequencies to Distort 03:57 - 5. Pickup Emulation 04:47 - 6. Jaguar 'Strangle' Switch In a Pedal 05:45 - 7. Master Volume, Tone & Attenuator 07:15 - 8. Cocked Wah & Radio Speaker 08:47 - 9. Get More From Your Modulation Pedals 10:09 - 10. Self Oscillating Pitch Generator

5 Reasons Why You NEED An EQ Pedal - The Guitarist's Secret Weapon!


Dagan checks out a pedal that so many legendary guitar plays have coined as their 'secret weapon'! The humble EQ pedal might not seem as crazy or game changing as an overdrive pedal, delay or chorus - But its integral to getting awesome UNIQUE tone! Just read anything about the genre defying tones of Eddie Van Halen and Dimebag Darrell and you'll quickly realise its importance and significance in the world of guitar! Grab the MXR 6 Band EQ Dagan uses in this video at PMT Online here - 🤍 Check out all EQ Pedals available at PMT Online here - 🤍 EQ's come in many shapes and sizes; 6-band, 10-band, BOSS GE-7, MXR EQ Pedals, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, The bass, middle and treble EQ on regular amps, the EQ on something crazy like the Mesa Boogie Mark V Series & so many more. The more EQ in some cases the better, it gives you a chance to not only shape your tone so it's perfect to you ear, but also make it unique to you! Almost like having a signature tone so your amp sounds better to you than anyone else with that amp & pedal set up! There are so many different ways to use an EQ pedal, run its into the front of your amp to shape your tone prior to hitting the pre amp, or run it after in the effects loop of your amp to sculpt an already fully formed guitar tone! You can use it as a full on boost or just to boost certain frequencies, you can cut the high or low end giving you a unique 'vintage radio' type tone, and so much more! 0:00 Intro 0:40 What Exactly Is 'EQ' Or An 'EQ Pedal' 1:30 Where To Place Your EQ Pedal 2:29 Reason 1 - It Expands What Your Amp Can Do 5:00 Reason 2 - They Can Do Way More Than Meets The Eye 6:57 Reason 3 - Get MORE From Your Overdrive & Distortion Pedals 8:10 Reason 4 - Use An EQ Pedal Live To Get A Consistent Level 8:56 Reason 5 - They Add ANOTHER Channel To Your Amp! 11:20 Final Thoughts - What Do You Think! Rock the rest of the rig Dagan uses in this video at PMT Online below: Kramer Pacer - 🤍 Blackstar St James 6L6 Head - 🤍 Blackstar St James Black 2x12 Cab - 🤍 #GuitarPedals #GuitarEffects #EQ #MXRPedals #GuitarFX #GuitarPedal #Pedalboard Subscribe to PMTVUK: 🤍 Find us on social media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Find Your Local PMT Store: 🤍

The Most Versatile Pedal Ever Made


Today, I'm showing you how to shape the tone of your guitar, pedal, AND amplifier with a single pedal: an EQ. You'll be surprised to see just how powerful these pedals can be! Table of Contents: 00:00 Introduction 00:36 Why are EQ's essential? 03:10 Shaping Your Pickup Tone 05:26 Boosting Transparently 06:42 Shaping Your Overdrive Tone 09:27 Cleaning Up Your Overall Signal 11:45 My Recommended EQ Pedals 14:42 Conclusion MY FAVORITE EQ PEDALS Xact Tone Solutions Boss GE-7 - 🤍 MXR 6-band EQ - 🤍 MXR 10-band EQ - 🤍 Source Audio EQ2 - 🤍 Empress ParaEQ - 🤍 ⬇BUY VERTEX PEDALS⬇ 🤍 ⬇ONE-ON-ONE TONE CONSULTING⬇ 🤍 ⬇PODCAST⬇ //apple// 🤍 //spotify// 🤍 ⬇DIY BUFFER DIAGRAMS & TEMPLATES⬇ 🤍 ⬇RECOMMENDED MATERIALS⬇ //buffers// 🤍 //pedalboards// 🤍 //power supply// 🤍 //cables// 🤍 //cable & pedal management// 🤍 //pedalboard tools// 🤍 #EQPedals #EQ #rigdoctor

How to Make It Sound Like You’re Playing a Different Guitar By Using an EQ Pedal


This is how I use a basic graphic EQ pedal to emulate the sound of different pickups and guitars. Is this something you would use? Or do you have a different way of doing it? Let us know in the comments below. Recommended EQ Pedals: - Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Behringer EQ700 USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Source Audio EQ2 USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 - Boss EQ-200 USA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 There are multiple reasons why you might want your guitar to take on the tonal character of a completely different guitar. I'd often do this when I was doing work in covers and function bands. But even if you’re not in a function band, maybe you’re on public transport and you can’t carry two guitars, maybe you don’t want to be switching guitars on stage too much or maybe you’ve just got one style of guitar and you’ve just got to find a way to make that guitar work for everything. Probably the two most iconic electric guitar sounds are the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul. To make the Strat sound like a Les Paul, I find it generally needs a boost to the low mids at the same time as shelving the high end. To make the Les Paul sound like a Strat, I generally boost the high end and cut the mids. Alternatives to EQ Pedals: - Keyztone Exchanger 🤍 - Sim1 XT+ 🤍 Timecodes: 00:00 - Why Use an EQ Pedal to re-voice pickups? 00:56 - EQ Pedal Recommendations 01:16 - How to Make a Les Paul Sound Like a Strat 03:40 - How to Make a Strat Sound Like a Les Paul 06:00 - Other Options and Pedals to Consider

16 ways to use a Boss GE-7 Equalizer - Workshop (no talking)


*Buy now: 🤍 Article: 🤍 The Boss GE-7 is a classic graphic equalizer that you can find on many pedalboards. Here are tons of ways how to use it! Audio/Video: Haiko Heinz 0:00 Intro 0:38 Signal Fidelity Check 1:05 Using the GE-7 as a boost/cut 3:14 Changing guitar or pickup character 5:53 Using the GE-7 for special sounds 7:12 Setting the GE-7 on different positions 8:08 Stock GE-7 (9V) vs. Mod Version (18V) *Affiliate-Links: Part of the revenue generated through these links will be paid to us as commission, depending on the measurable success. You are welcome to buy the products elsewhere. The link is only a suggestion to look at the products. Legal notice: Remise 3 Medienservice Agentur GmbH Hans-Böckler-Platz 4 46535 Dinslaken Represented by CEO: Hansi Tietgen Amtsgericht Duisburg, HR B NUMMER 19797 Tel: +49(0)172/2863012 Email: office(at) VAT-ID: DE 256765312 Responsible for contents according to § 5 TMG: Hansi Tietgen *Affiliate Links: Ein Teil des Umsatzes, der über diese Links generiert wird, wird je nach messbaren Erfolg an uns als Provision ausgezahlt. Ihr könnt die Produkte gerne woanders kaufen. Der Link dient lediglich als Vorschlag zum Anschauen der Produkte. Impressum: Remise 3 Medienservice Agentur GmbH Hans-Böckler-Platz 4 46535 Dinslaken Vertreten durch den Geschäftsführer: Hansi Tietgen Amtsgericht Duisburg, HR B NUMMER 19797 Telefon: +49(0)172/2863012 Email: office(at) Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer DE 256765312 Inhaltlich verantwortlich nach § 5 TMG: Hansi Tietgen

3 Reason Why YOU Need An EQ Pedal! #Shorts


EQ Pedals are considered by some guitarists as their 'secret weapon'! Folk like Eddie Van Halen & Dimebag Darrell used them to shape their own unique, legendary tone! Here are 3 awesome ways you can use an EQ Pedals on your pedalboard! If you don't have one, you'll sure as hell want one after this! Subscribe to PMTVUK: 🤍 Find us on social media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Find Your Local PMT Store: 🤍

The #1 TONE pedal of the PROS Is a BARGAIN! | Phil Mcknight


🎸If you haven't had a chance to check out the Masterclass recently, it is now over 1500 videos (more than 120 hours!) and there is a 14-Day free trial for you to see if it's right for you. 👉Click Here to get your free trial: 🤍 —— 👕 Tim Pierce shirts & hoodies are here! Get yours at 🤍 —— ✅Check out some of my FAVORITE GEAR on Sweetwater Super Sweet Boost: 🤍 Boss GE-7 EQ Pedal: 🤍 MXR M300 Digital Reverb: 🤍 Dunlop Volume Pedal: 🤍 Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedalboard PX Package: 🤍 Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 PLUS: 🤍 Truetone 1 SPOT Slim 9V DC Adapter: 🤍 Everyone needs PICKS! Check these out: Dunlop Tortex Sharp: 🤍 Dunlop Tortex Standard: 🤍 Dunlop Nylon Max-Grip: 🤍 Phil's channel 🤍

How to Choose the Best EQ Pedal: Boss GE-7 vs. Source Audio EQ2 & More | Analog vs. Digital Ep.3


In this episode of Analog vs. Digital we're talking about EQ pedals. Watch along as Andy breaks down the benefits of each category and compares a few popular EQ stompboxes side-by-side. Learn more about EQ and check out the pedals used here: 🤍 Pedals Used: Analog: Boss GE-7, Fairfield Circuitry Long Life, Stone Deaf FX PDF-1X Digital: Line 6 HX Stomp XL, Source Audio EQ2 #analogvsdigital #tonereport #eqpedals #eqpedaldemo #effectspedals #line6hxstomp #bossge7 #sourceaudioeq2 #fairfieldcircuitry #stonedeadpdf1x

Can I Get 5 Iconic Overdrive Pedals From an EQ Pedal and an OD-3?


How close did I get? I hope this video shows how useful an EQ pedal can be, as well as highlighting some of the main differences between these classic overdrive pedals. I’m using the Boss GE-7 after the OD-3 because that way the EQ pedal has more influence on the overall sound, if I put the Boss GE-7 before the overdrive, it only adjusts the saturation and compression of each frequency band, it would still have the inherent overall sound of the OD-3. In an ideal world I'd have an EQ pedal both before and after the Boss OD-3 but I want to see how close I can get just using one EQ pedal. Timecodes: 00:00 - Intro 00:39 - Ibanez Tube Screamer 03:16 - Klon 05:43 - Marshall Blues Breaker Pedal 07:18 - Nobels ODR-1 09:20 - Full Tone OCD The classic Ibanez TS-9 tube screamer. I’ve put the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive along with this just because it’s another popular overdrive pedal with a similar sound to a tube screamer. The Ibanez TS-9 and Boss SD-1 do seem a bit more compressed than the Boss OD-3 which gives a bit of a softer attack sometimes when you hit hard and lets notes ring out a bit longer. I can hear less of a difference between all the pedals when playing through an amp that's on the edge of breakup, which is how a lot of people prefer to use these more mid focused tube screamer type pedals. The Ceriatone Centura is the Klon clone that I own so I’ll be using that to compare to here. There's a big difference in the gain settings, the Centura is a much cleaner pedal. I managed to get close to the EQ by using similar settings to the tubescreamer settings but flattening out the peak of the mid boost a little and then making a steeper drop at the edges. The Centura seems to compress in a different way, when I play lightly on the OD-3 the sound gets cleaner and drops in volume but when I play lightly on the Centura, the overdrive cleans up in a similar way but the volume of that cleaner sound seems louder and clearer than the OD-3. The Marshall Blues Breaker pedal is one of the original amp in a box pedals. The Bluesbreaker pedal is also what a lot of other popular overdrive pedals are based on like the Analog Man King of Tone, the JHS Morning Glory and the Wampler Pantheon. The Bluesbreaker is similar to the Klon in that when you turn up the gain control it changes the EQ, mainly boosting mids. The Bluesbreaker is a bit more subtle than the tubescreamer and Klon circuits though, it’s flatter with the mid boost being mainly in the lower mids. The the difference in the saturation and distortion in the different frequency bands is quite obvious here, the Bluesbreaker pedal is much more saturated, compressed and distorted in the higher frequencies while the OD-3 seems to be much cleaner and less distorted in the high end. This is where it would be very useful to have the an EQ pedal before as well as after the OD-3 to try and get closer to the sound of the Bluesbreaker pedal. The Nobels ODR-1 is often regarded as the Nashville overdrive sound. I love the ODR-1 for low output single coil pickup guitars like my strat where the open airy high end of the OD-3 can sound too harsh, especially when like here you use it through a Fender blackface with it’s inherent mid scoop a Jensen C12N speaker which is also known to be bright. The ODR-1 has a really big full bass response and has a nice rolled off high end to stop it sounding harsh. If like me you love the sound of the OD-3 but sometimes struggle with harshness in the high end when using single coil pickups, this is a great setting. Not a lot actually needs to be done to get the OD-3 to sound similar to the Full Tone OCD. Just a tiny little bump at 3.2k and a slight dip at 800hz. There are obvious limitations to this, I only tried to match one setting from each pedal, I used what I thought were probably the most commonly used settings for each pedal. So even if I did manage to get a sound which is close, remember the range and flexibility of each pedal is going to be different.

EQ Pedal Magic - My New Discovery!


I never ever thought I needed EQ pedals or that much useful! I started noticing that my favorite guitar player Tom Bukovac is using a Boss EQ pedal. I own that pedal! So I am using it now! So good! Full & Big sound! PS, I always use my One Control Prussian Blue Reverb pedal. That's my favorite among many reverb pedals. ▼▼Tom Bukovac 's channel 🤍 ▼▼Join today "Tomo Fujita Guitar Wisdom" 🤍 Join subscribers from 98 countries ▼▼ Don’t worry Don’t compare Don’t expect too fast Be kind to yourself (Wisdom Picks & Wisdom T-shirt) 🤍 ▼ Follow my Instagram 🤍 ▼ Follow my Twitter 🤍 ▼ Follow my FaceBook 🤍 ▼ Mailing list for upcoming event 🤍 ▼ Facebook - 🤍 ▼ 🤍 (Japanese) (313-22)

5 Ways To Use EQ Pedals | Too Afraid To Ask [Boss EQ-200]


Setting an EQ pedal to get the best tone can be tricky, but understanding how and when to use an EQ pedal couldn't be simpler. This video looks at 5 ways to effectively use the BOSS EQ-200, a ten band graphic EQ, to improve your guitar sound. BOSS EQ-200: BUY NOW: Thomann - 🤍 Sweetwater - 🤍 MORE INFO: 🤍 Thanks to Boss for sponsoring this video. #CSGuitars #EQ200 #BOSS More from CSGuitars: Gain access to exclusive content at: 🤍 Buy CSGuitars Merchandise: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Contact: colin🤍 Purchase my music at: Amazon: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Or stream on Spotify: 🤍 CSGuitars uses: Rode Microphones: 🤍 Hoffnine Cabinets: 🤍 Hosa Cables: 🤍 Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks: 🤍 Title graphics and logo by: 🤍 Join the discussion at: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

How to use an EQ Pedal and do you actually need one?


EQ Pedals Finally EXPLAINED! Do you actually need one? Today I am explaining how to use EQ pedals for electric guitar use and the common mistakes people might make when using them for the first time. I show you how to use an EQ pedal, when to use an EQ pedal and explain why you might not even need one. There's no point buying an EQ pedal unless you are out of options in terms of what your amplifier or other pedals are giving you. When it comes to EQ pedals some folks think automatically you'll need to push frequencies but the truth is cutting them can give you even better results. This is a FAQ video regarding EQ/Equalizer pedals. ‎ This YouTube channel participates in Affiliate programs. These programs are designed in a way for the channel to earn an income by using the links provided in the description or pinned comment section. Please note: Not all links on this Youtube channel are affiliate links.

6 ways to use an EQ pedal for better tone, & Fender Hot Rod amp tips


5 things you can do with an EQ pedal -adjust eq after an overdrive or distortion to sculpt the overall sound -bump up 6.4k to get a bit more 'glassy' of a tone -Use it like a volume booster -use it like a gain booster -run it into the effects loop to sculpt the overall sound of not only the pedals, but the distortion channel on the amp as well -get more "bedroom friendly" volumes without affecting the tone too drastically Note that this isn't a be all-end all of EQ pedals, and this is demonstrating the Graphic EQ as well... parametric eq's have other tricks they can do too ;)



The incredible Boss EQ 200... Pete shows you how he uses it to carve every tone in a track with precision! Use it mono, or stereo with 2 independent EQ's, or even in 4CM pre and post distortion, 128 presets, expression input, check it out here: 🤍 TO BUY FROM SWEETWATER: 🤍 Got GAS? Check out all the cool gear and sweet deals from my pals at Sweetwater: 🤍 BRAND NEW PETE THORN MERCH! T-shirts, hoodies etc: 🤍 PETE THORN II NEW ALBUM OUT EVERYWHERE NOW, CLICK TO BUY/LISTEN HERE: 🤍 Get Pete's 'Space Charged" jam track in E on iTunes: 🤍 Check out "A Rush To The Head": by Pete Thorn 🤍 Check out "Clean To Scream" by Pete Thorn: 🤍 Check out "To Live And Die In Nashville" by Pete Thorn: 🤍 Check out "The Groomed Noodler", new single by Pete Thorn here: 🤍 Check out Pete Thorn's "Guitar Nerd" CD here: 🤍 🤍

TRANSFORM Your Guitar Tone With An EQ Pedal!


Thanks for watching this video on shaping your guitar tone with an EQ pedal, in this case the MXR 10-bad EQ. Let me know in the comments if you use an EQ pedal and how you like to use it! Gear in this video: - MXR 10-Band Equalizer pedal - Gibson Les Paul Custom 2021 - Orange TH30 tube amp - RedSeven Amplification Amp Central Reactive Load - York Audio Cabinet IRs - Cubase 11.5 Pro - Steven Slate Drums 5.5 York Audio Impulse Responses: 🤍 Thanks for watching! Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are, please subscribe along with the bell and follow SDS at: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #eqpedal #tubeamp #boost Timecodes: 00:00 Introduction and e xplanation (Watch First!) 01:14 Orange TH30 with no EQ up front 01:46 EQ up front settings 02:45 Orange TH30 WITH the EQ up front 03:28 AB Back To Back Comparison 05:14 EQ in the loop explanation 05:54 Orange TH30 without EQ in FX loop 06:15 EQ in the loop settings 06:47 Orange TH30 WITH the EQ in the loop 07:23 AB Back To Back Comparison 09:02 Conclusion

NERDIEST DIME VIDEO EVER - MXR 6-band EQ Comparison (Dimebag tone chasing)


Trying out the MXR 6-band EQ and comparing them. Might be a good thing for you Dimebag tone followers out there. ★ PREORDER MY SOLO ALBUM ★ ► 🤍 ► Want to see even MORE videos from me? Become a Member and get behind the scenes videos, recording tips, downloadables etc. Click here to join: 🤍 ► Facebook - 🤍 ► Instagram - 🤍 ► Blog - 🤍 ► Feared - 🤍 Links - List of things I use to make my videos: ★ Solar Guitars - 🤍 ★ SM58 microphone - 🤍 ★ Beyer M160 microphone - 🤍 ★ Daddario Cables - 🤍 ★ Strings - Daddario XL 🤍 ★ Headphones - BeyerDynamic DT880 Pro 🤍 ★ Monitors - Dynaudio LYD8 - 🤍 ★ Camera - Panasonic Lumix GH5 - 🤍 ★ Screen - ASUS ROG PG348 - 🤍 ★ Chair - DX Racer KING - 🤍 ★ Studio Desk and Chair - 🤍

10 Ways to HACK Your Guitar Tone! BOSS GE 7 EQ Tricks


Todays video, I wanted to talk about ways to hack your guitar tone into something that its not! If you are in a pinch with limited gear, these tricks can save the day. Especially when specific parts are needed! Tip Jar - Gear I Use (Amazon Affiliate) Guitar Related Line 6 HX Stomp 🤍 Line 6 HX FX 🤍 Reunion Blues RBX 2E Double Bag 🤍 Studio Headphones (Cans) 🤍 My Favorite Cables 🤍 Strings I use 🤍 Suhr Reactive Load IR 🤍 Picks! 🤍 Guitar Rack 🤍 Camera and Lighting Related Camera 🤍 Camera AC Power 🤍 Camera Shotgun Mic 🤍 Camera Batteries 🤍 B Camera 🤍 Cell Phone Mic 🤍 Vocal Mic 🤍 Tabletop Lights 🤍 Light Ring 🤍

Yes You Do Need A Graphic EQ Pedal! Plus: Latest Kingsley Jester


PLEASE NOTE: From January 2016, we have moved. We are now here… 🤍 Please subscribe to the That Pedal Show dedicated channel. In this episode, Daniel and Mick explore the basics of the much maligned graphic EQ pedal, and how it can be immensely useful on your pedalboard. Using a standard Boss GE-7, they explain how you can use an EQ pedal as a global tone shaper, a solo boost, a rhythm cut and also to shape the sound of your overdrive sounds, depending where you place it in the signal chain. If you're having problems cutting through a mix, retaining clarity in your sound or need something to help with volume cuts or boosts, a graphic EQ pedal could be the very thing. They also take a brief look at the latest Kingsley Jester valve overdrive pedal, using it as the filth maker in all of today's tones. For more on the Jester, go here: 🤍 Amps used are the Mallard 18-watt Marshall clone into a 2x12 with Greenbacks and a Lazy J 20 combo. Dan is playing his 2002 Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard, and Mick is playing his Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster. As always, switching is handled effortlessly by TheGigRig G2. For more on TheGigRig, see 🤍

Tom Bukovac's Boost and EQ Secrets


Nashville session ace Tom Bukovac shows how powerful a Boss GE-7 pedal can be for your soloing tone. Watch the Episode: 🤍 Don't Miss a Rundown: 🤍 Subscribe to PG's Channel: 🤍

Two Incredible Parametric EQ Pedals from Empress


Shop the Empress ParaEQ MKII 👉 🤍 Shop the Empress ParaEQ Deluxe MKII 👉 🤍 More videos like Two Incredible Parametric EQ Pedals from Empress 👉 🤍 Need EQ? Of course you do! EQ pedals are your secret weapon for tone shaping that gets the goods. Today, Don Carr looks at two new Sweetwater offerings from Empress: the ParaEQ and the ParaEQ Deluxe. These studio-quality, 3-band EQs offer precision shaping options with +/- 15dB across all three bands, as well as boost functions. But most of all, these pedals deliver stunning, ridiculously clean high headroom and transparency that only colors your signal when and where you tell it. Both options also sport Q controls, plus advanced filters and fully sweepable Q on the Deluxe model. Check it out! After you watch, check out today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! 👉 🤍 #Sweetwater #Empress #ParaEQ #ParaEQDeluxe 00:00 — Intro 00:36 — What It Is 01:51 — Clean Guitar and Amp 04:01 — EQ Before Distortion Pedal 04:45 — EQ After Distortion Pedal 05:15 — EQ in Amp FX Loop 06:24 — Outro & Bonus Riffs

Ammoon EQ7 Pedal Review!!


Here's review of the Ammoon EQ7 pedal. It's probably one of the best budget EQ pedals out there! You're definitely getting more than what you pay for! If you're interested in getting this pedal, I have put a couple links below! Amazon: 🤍 AliExpress: 🤍

MXR M109S Six Band EQ Pedal Demo


Check out the MXR M109S Six Band EQ Pedal at PMT Online: 🤍 Dagan walks us through all the features of the nifty MXR M109S 6 band EQ pedal for guitar and bass. This great EQ pedal allows you to Cut or Boost six different frequencies up to +/-18dB giving you complete control over your sound. The MXR M109S also includes true bypass circuitry for silent switching as well as super bright LED lights so you can manipulate the pedal easily. A small, compact and extremely powerful EQ pedal ideal for bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Subscribe: 🤍 Find us on social media: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Is EQ confusing to you? This may help


Describing EQ for guitar purposes: 00:00 All About EQ 2:08 80 hz: thump/rumble 3:09 125hz-150hz: bass (guitar) 3:56 300-400hz: fullness (also, mud) 4:36 650-800hz: lower mids 5:27 1000-1200hz: higher mids 5:59 2.2k - 2.8khz: lower treble 6:43 5k-6khz: higher treble 7:32 8khz: presence/clarity/sizzle 8:23 10khz: “air” 9:13 Using a DeEsser or multi-band compression instead of EQ

5 Killer Settings for the Boss EQ GE-7


Th Boss EQ GE-7 is one of the most versatile yet affordable pedals ever made. In this video i show you five very cool settings how to use the pedal live or in studio.

Equalizer - O pedal subestimado! - Marc Snow


O pedal equalizer tem uma função super importante no set, mas muitas vezes é esquecido.

Solo Tones: Thoughts On Gain, EQ & Audibility - That Pedal Show


In this episode we stumble around a general discussion on being heard when playing solos. A friend of Dan’s had asked him what he needed to think about tonally when starting to play guitar solos: it sparked an idea for a show. Many of the concepts we touch on here have been covered in previous episodes, but they’re always worth a re-look for the already-initiated and close to invaluable for anyone new to the subject. Gain, EQ, volume… and a bit on delay, rounded up with five tips for better solo tones. Enjoy the episode! If you like backing track in this episode you can buy it at That Pedal Show Store. 🤍 Please subscribe to our channel and visit our store 🤍 Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below. Pedals & stuff in this episode… • TheGigRig Three2One 🤍 • Fulltone OCD UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • Suhr Riot UK & Europe: 🤍 • J Rockett Touch OD UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • Boss GE-7 UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • Fender Engager Boost UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • RYRA Klone UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 • Wampler Mini Ego Compressor UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • MXR Carbon Copy UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • TC Electronic Flashback Mini UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • Jam Pedals Ripple UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini Noir UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 TheGigRig G2 🤍 * Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here: 🤍 Interesting bits and go-to sections… - Intro playing: 0:00 - What are we doing Dan?: 03:46 - It’s all about the solo though… 5:58 - What amp’s are we using today?: 06:25 - Who is playing what gear? 6:45 - Let’s start from the top..: 07:20 - You need to be heard – add more, or shape: 08:06 - The sound needs to be good!: 09:33 - How do I make my solo audible?: 10:39 - The old school way: just turn your guitar, with the 335: 12:20 - …and with Dan’s Tele: 15:35 - What happens when we adjust the guitar volume?: 19:02 - What about when you use multiple pedals? 20:46 - A bit of Suhr Riot fun: 21:42 - And boosting that? 23:00 - Adjusting audibility with EQ: 28:04 - Lower gain? 30:15 - Why don’t we have a GE7 on our board?: 30:34 - Shaping gain stages? 31:10 - Using a Klon-type pedal to shape your audibility: 31:20 (33:30) - And with more gain… 35:30 - What about clean sounds?: 37:20 - Compressor for clean lead: 40:15 - Using a compressor with gain: 41:42 - Using delay to add texture for your solo: 44:21 - Analog delay staying out of the way: 45:12 - And with shorter delay times for punch: 48:18 - Now with longer digital delays: 50:40 (51:43) - And in summary? 54:22 - Thank you!: 58:58 - Jamming: 59:40 Guitars in this episode: • Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster watch Mick’s video at 🤍 • Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster - watch Dan’s video at 🤍 • Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335 – no video yet Amps in this episode • Vox AC15C1 with Celestion G12M Greenback UK & Europe: 🤍 USA That Pedal Shop: 🤍 • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III with Celestion G12P-80 - No longer made, link to latest version UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 We hope you enjoy this episode. Please subscribe to our channel. You can buy TPS merch to support our efforts 🤍 We are on Patreon – crowdfunding for creatives 🤍 Please visit our preferred retailers! UK & Europe: Andertons Music 🤍 Australia: Pedal Empire 🤍 USA: That Pedal Shop 🤍

Pedal Order - EQ Before or After Overdrive?


Dave demos the consequences of putting EQ in front of overdrive or behind it, so you can hear the surprising difference!

Sonicake Tone Group | 6 Ways to use an EQ Pedal


This video tutorial explains six ways an EQ pedal will enhance your guitar tone. The pedal featured in this video is the Sonicake Tone Grip. The Sonicake Tone Grip is a 10-band EQ pedal that delivers 15+ dB of gain. EQ pedals can drastically alter your guitar's tone by adjusting the sliders accordingly. This is without question the best inexpensive EQ Pedal on the market. Check it out using the links below. This will show you how to use an EQ pedal to get great results depending on your electric guitar requirements. Thanks to Sonicake for sending out the Tone Group 10-band EQ and for sponsoring this video. 🛒 Walmart US - 🤍 🛒 Amazon DE - 🤍 🛒 Amazon UK - 🤍 🛒 Amazon AU - 🤍 🛒 Amazon Canada - 🤍 🌎Get the best prices on guitar gear below! 🌎 🛒Crazy-Good Deals on Sweetwater - 🤍 🛒Guitar Center's Massive Discounts - 🤍 🛒Thomann's Guitar Bargain-Zone - 🤍 🛒Awesome Aussie Guitars on Artist Guitars - 🤍 = Channel Memberships & Patreon = ➡️Join this channel to get access to channel perks: 🤍 ➡️Watch more videos like this here: = Video Chapters = 00:00 - About this EQ Pedal Tutorial 00:12 - About (sponsored by Sonicake) 00:39 - Re-EQ a Tube Screamer or Overdrive Pedal 02:33 - Fat Strat Bridge Pickup Tone with less Ice-Pick 03:34 - Mids Boost to Cut the Mix (with Sustain Boost) 04:31 - Brighten up a lackluster gain channel or pedal 05:29 - Preamp Boost for Overdrive, Fuzz, or Distortion 06:41 - 10-Band EQ Pedals are Versatile = Gear Used to Make This Video: = 🛒Panasonic S5 Camera - 🤍 🛒Sony FX3 Camera - 🤍 🛒Two Notes Captor X - 🤍 🛒Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue - 🤍 🛒Saramonic Blink500 Pro Wireless Mic - 🤍 🛒Apple iMac 27 - 🤍 - ►Find my Guitar Gear on Sweetwater - 🤍 ►My Guitar Podcast - 🤍 ►Buy a T-Shirt to Support the Show - 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Patreon: 🤍 ►Find the Perfect Speaker: 🤍 ►My Guitar Review Website: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 (Links to Sweetwater, Thomann, Amazon, B&H, Artist Guitars, and DistroKid are affiliate links) - - This YouTube channel participates in Affiliate programs. These programs are designed for the channel to earn an income by using the links provided in the description or pinned comment section. Please note: Not all links on this website are affiliate links. #guitar #intheblues #effectspedals

Cómo usar un pedal ecualizador


🔹Suscríbete al canal: 🤍 🔹 Este es sin duda el efecto que más uso, siempre hay uno, o en los multiefectos a veces más de uno, en la cadena de efectos. Te cuento lo que he ido descubriendo del pedal ecualizador, y por qué es para mí tan importante. Algunos de los pedales que aparecen en el vídeo: Equalizador 10 bandas Caline CP-10: 🤍 Caline EQ 10 bandas (modelo antiguo): 🤍 Dual Overdrive Caline High Chief: 🤍 Honeycomb Overdrive: 🤍 Fuente de alimentación: 🤍 Pedalera Aluminio muy ligera: 🤍 links afiliados Nuevo servidor 🔹𝗗𝗜𝗦𝗖𝗢𝗥𝗗🔹 👉 🤍 👈

Alternatives to Boss GE 7 EQ - Doctor Guitar EP253


I'm looking for an inexpensive alternative for my great Boss GE-7 EQ pedal and tested this 3 alternatives If you buy from this links I get a small commission from Amazon, and it really helps to continue to make this videos. Behringer EQ700: 🤍 Danelectro Fish & Chips: 🤍 Artec Graphic Eq: 🤍 Here's some Affiliated links to the Gear I use all the time for the episodes. If you buy from this links Amazon will give me a small commission. Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor: 🤍 TC Electronic Polytune mini: 🤍 Walrus Audio Lilian: 🤍 Walrus Audio EB-10: 🤍 Line6 M9: 🤍 Fender Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde: 🤍 Gretsch Electromatic G5422T Orange: 🤍 GHS Coated Boomers Strings: 🤍 Evidence Audio Monorail Solderless pedalboard Kit: 🤍 My Guitar Mic - Beyerdynamic m160 ribbon mic: 🤍 My Stereo Pair Room Mic: Beyerdynamic m130 ribbon mic: 🤍 Dunlop Delrin 500 0,96 mm pick: 🤍 Dunlop Delrin 500 1,14 mm pick: 🤍 GHS Fast Fret: 🤍 My Interface for recording - Universal Audio Apollo Twin: 🤍 Universal Audio Apollo 8p: 🤍 Become a Patron and help me to keep on making this show for you: 🤍 Support with PayPal: T-shirts, CD's an Pen drives: 🤍 visit my website: 🤍 My store: 🤍 You can listen to my music here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Boss GE-7 Is This The Pedal We All Need On Our Pedal Boards?


The Boss GE-7 is the pedal that I've always dismissed when I go pedal shopping. This utility/ EQ pedal is probably the most useful and underrated pedal that has ever been made. The Boss GE-7 can be used to match guitars, use as a clean Boost to make your solos sing, or correct problem frequencies. In this video, James and Paul from The Studio Rats put the Boss GE-7 through its paces. The Studio Rats are core band members Paul Drew on guitar/production/mixing, drummer James Ivey and Dan Hawkins on bass. They collaborate with singers and musicians to produce radio-ready songs.

Why I bought... The Ammoon EQ7 guitar EQ pedal


Thanks for watching my review of the Ammoon EQ7 guitar EQ pedal they are the same guitar pedal, 7 band eq and a volume to balance the guitar pedal on the pedal board, a great little eq that i think stands up to the more expensive Guitar EQ pedals out there. Cheers - Derek As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but it costs you nothing extra. 🤍 A pretty decent little 7 Band eq guitar pedal. - FOLLOW ME: - Instagram: 🤍

Diário de Pedais na Quarentena: #49 - Boss GE-7 Equalizer


Durante a quarentena causada pela crise do Coronavirus (COVID-19), resolvi fazer um diário com meus pedais de estimação. A cada dia conto a minha história com um pedal e faço uma demonstração do efeito. Dia #49: O Boss Equalizer é um daqueles pedais indispensáveis para alguns guitarristas e totalmente desnecessários para outros. Não é exatamente um efeito, mas produz enorme efeito no timbre final da guitarra. O GE-7 está em produção desde 1981, quando entrou para substituir o GE-6. Este meu pedal é Made in Taiwan e foi fabricado em1996, um dos últimos com fonte ACA; ainda com selo preto. Umas das coisas legais de fazer esse diário de pedais é encontrar notas fiscais e/ou recibos do pedal. Comprei este pedal em uma loja da Galeria da Teodoro Sampaio, às 17h36min. do dia 31 de agosto de 2004. Inscreva-se no canal e curta os outros episódios da série "Diário de Pedais na Quarentena": 🤍 Playlist do "Diário de Pedais na Quarentena": 🤍 #bossequalizer #bossge7 #bosspedals

TRANSFORM YOUR TONE - Why Every Guitarist Might Need an EQ Pedal


For my Presets visit: 🤍 For TrueFire courses and All Access Memberships: 🤍 Use the code JNC40 for a 40% discount off all courses, or JNC100 for $100 off all access membership! For the first time, I tried an EQ pedal in the loop of my Amps...And. Well. Why didn't I try this sooner? 🤍 you can get my backing tracks and lesson tabs here. 🤍 - if you like what I do and only if you wanted, you could buy me a coffee! Get my PADs bundle here: 🤍 (this folder will grow, and I'd encourage you to ask for different keys/songs and stuff that might suit this type of preset?) I've decided to make it possible to grab both my Helix/HX Stomp bundles (the expression bundle with freeze presets has always been separate) together for £10 - 🤍 - I will then email you a link to both bundles! Try my general patches for Helix or HX Stomp in this bundle for £6.99 using this link - I will then send out the patches! 🤍 You can get my EXPRESSION patches in this bundle using this link - I will then send out the patches! 🤍 Try my patches for Pod GO for £3 using this link - I will then send out the patches! 🤍 🤍 get my backing tracks here 🤍 - if you like what I do and only if you wanted, you could buy me a coffee!

4 Ways To Use EQ Pedals (One Of These I HATE)


Patreon: 🤍 For a one-time donation: 🤍 Robert's Guitar Dungeon Merch Store on Teespring: 🤍 Share The Music: 🤍 Facebook: / 🤍robertsguitardungeon Twitter: 🤍RsGuitarDungeon Email: robertsguitardungeon🤍 All eCommerce links are through affiliates. All of the gear used in my videos is available on my Amazon Influencer page! 🤍 eBay link: 🤍 MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software: 🤍 Five Finger Death Punch - Afterlife: 🤍 Other Gear Used In This Video: Boss GE-7 Equalizer: 🤍 Source Audio SA170 Programmable EQ: 🤍 MXR KFK1 Kerry King 10-Band EQ: 🤍 MXR M108S 10-Band EQ: 🤍 Boss EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer: 🤍 ISP Decimator II Noise Reduction: 🤍 TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion: 🤍 Schecter SVSS Sun Valley Super Shredder: 🤍 Laney IRT-Studio: 🤍 Ultimate Support MDS-100 Module Stand: 🤍 Rode Wireless Go II: 🤍 Rode Lavalier Go Microphone: 🤍 PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional: 🤍 Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen USB Interface: 🤍 Kali Audio LP-6 Studio Monitors: 🤍 Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones: 🤍 Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys: 🤍 Dunlop Flow Grip Picks: 🤍 Canon M200 Mirrorless Camera: 🤍 Viltrox 23mm f1.4 EF-M Mount Lens: 🤍 Panazonic LUMIX FZ-1000: 🤍 Panasonic LUMIX FZ-300: 🤍 Zomei Heavy Duty Camera Tripod: 🤍 Mount Dog Soft Box Lighting Kit: 🤍

Rowin Pedal- BASS 5-Band Graphic EQ with master level control


Smallest Bass graphic equalizer pedal in the world 5-Band Graphic EQ with master level control Frequency Centers: 62.5Hz, 125Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz ±18dB adjustable gain range per band

WHY You NEED an EQ Pedal | Sonicake Tone Group


Sonicake Tone Group: 🤍 Sonicake have recently released their brand new EQ pedal the 'Tone Group'. So with it being an EQ pedal - the bigger question is WHY would you need an EQ pedal? So in this video I'm just giving a few reasons as to why the Sonicake Tone Group would make a great addition to your pedal collection. Hope you enjoy the video! Sonicake Guitar Pedals - 🤍 Get 7% off your DistroKid membership with this link: 🤍 Check out D&A Guitar Stands 🤍 Enter GALLEY at checkout for a 10% Discount Business Enquiries: Robtheguitarist🤍 Equipment I Use: Audio Interface - 🤍 Camera Microphone - 🤍 Laptop - 🤍 Monitor Speakers - 🤍 Video Lighting - 🤍 Camera Tripod - 🤍 Guitar Strings - 🤍 Guitar Picks - 🤍 Guitar Cable - 🤍 Follow/Contact: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email: Robtheguitarist🤍 #sonicake #guitarpedals sonicake tone group / sonicake / sonicake pedals / sonicake EQ / sonicake / eq pedal / sonicake / effects pedal / sonicake effects pedal / guitar pedals / guitar gear / budget guitar gear /

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