Ilish vapa recipe in microwave

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Delicious bhapa ilish in microwave // quick & easy way to cook steamed Hilsa😋 Indu's yummy kitchen


Shorshe ilish bhapa is a Bengali recipe. It is very testy if you can eat with warm rice. it is a fairly easy recipe to execute, required few ingredients. More videos click here 👇👇👇 🤍 #indusyummykitchen

Microwave oven e ilish vapa ।। Ilish vapa recipe ।। Ilish vapa in micowave oven


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illish bhapa in microwave|| hilsha vapa in micro|steamed hilsha recipe || মাইক্ৰো ওভেনে ইলিশ ভাপা


এপাৱ বাংলাৱ চিংড়ি আৱ‌ওপাৱ‌ বাংলাৱ ইলিশ।এই দুই এৱ লড়াই সাৱা জীৰনেৱ।তবে এই লড়াই ভালোবাসাৱ লড়াই। এই লড়াই খুনসুটির লড়াই আৱ এই দুই এৱ লড়াই এ আমৱা দুই‌পদেৱ ই আস্বাদ গ্ৰ্হন কৱি। আজ share কৱেছি ইলিশ মাছ ভাঁপা। Hello friend well come back to my channel🤍simple life of Mukta তোমাদেৱ পুৱো video দেখাৱ অনুৱোধ ৱ ইলো। ইলিশ মাছ ভাপাৱ স্বাদ কি কৱে দ্বিগুন হয় সেটা আমি আজ share কৱেছি। microwave এ কি ভাৰে ইলিশ ভাঁপা কৱে সেটা দেখিয়েছি। illish 4 piece white master seeds 1 TSP black master seeds 2 TSP coconut 🥥 past 2 TSP sour curd 1 TSP salt 1/2 TSP for past then as per test turmaric powder 1/2 TSP kashmiri red chilli powder 1/2 tsp mustard oil 3 tsp #illish #illishbhapa #bhapaillish #sorseilish #illish recipe #illish_mach_recipe #illish _bhapa _in_microwave #illish _bhapa _recipe_in_bangladesh #steamed hilsa recipe #simplelifeofmukta #bengalirecipe #easy_recipe #মাইক্ৰো_ওভেনে_ইলিশভাপা illish bhapa,illish bhapa recipe illish bhapa in bengali style illish bhapa in preesure cooker illish bhapa in micro wave illish tel jhal illish begun illish bhapa in microa wave oven illish bhapa in kadai illish bong eats eating show of illish sorse diea illish illish vala recipe in vill food illish bhapa recipe in popy kitchen illish bhapa kolapata how to make illish bhapa how to make illish bhapa 8n microwave illish bhapa bengali style illish vapa recipe illish vapa popi kitchen illish vapa eating illish macher jhol illish maacher paturi illish maach hilsa recipe hilsa paturi illish polao illish biriyani another illish recipe👇 🤍 chingri recipe👇 🤍 🤍 🤍 fish recipe👇 🤍 🤍 🤍 thank you everyone...stay connected❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ilish bhapa in microwave | Bengali bhapa ilish recipe in Hindi | Bengali steamed Hilsa in microwave


Ilish bhapa in microwave | Bengali bhapa ilish recipe in Hindi | Ilish vapa | Bengali steamed Hilsa in microwave Bengali bhapa ilish is a very very popular & loved Bengali delicacy which goes well with plain white rice. This is really an easy to make recipe & in a microwave you can make it in 5 to 7 minutes. Try this awesome recipe at home. Ingredients :- Hilsa fish pieces 4 ( marinated with salt & turmeric powder ) Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp Green chillies 8 to 10 ( or as per your taste ) Yellow mustard seeds 3 tbsp ( grind yellow mustard seeds with a green chilli & little salt ) Salt to taste Mustard oil 4 tbsp ( or as per your preference ) Thanks for watching my videos. If you like my recipes then do share, like, comment & subscribe my channel. Thank you. Subscribe 👉🤍 Follow me on Instagram 👉🤍 Follow me on Facebook 👉🤍 Follow my Facebook page 👉🤍 My mail id 👉bong.debaroti🤍 Background music: beat by shahed 🤍 #SteamedhilsarecipeinHindi #Microwavecooking #Bengalivapailish #Bongdelicacies #Hilsafishrecipe #Ilishmacherrecipe #Steamedfishrecipe #MicrowaverecipesinHindi

Ilish Bhapa in Microwave II Quick & easy recipe II Microwave cooking


Ilish Bhapa is an authentic Bengali food during the Ilish season and now a days for the whole year. In microwave, it just takes 10 mins and ready....Enjoy your lunch with steamed rice and ilish bhanpa... Ingredients: Ilish pieces Black mustard seed Yellow mustard seed Poppy seed Mustard oil Salt Turmeric Green chili water

মাত্র ৫ মিনিটে বানান ভাপা মাছ মাইক্রোওয়েভ ওভেনে || bhapa fish || steamed fish in microwave oven


#bhapamach #machvapa #steamedfish Ingredients 3 pcs of fish Salt to taste Lemon juice 1tbsp 1tbsp Black mustard seeds 1tbsp poppy seeds 7 green chillis 2tbsp + 1tsp mustard oil 1/4th tsp turmeric powder 1/4th tsp red chilli powder

How to Cook Steamed Hilsa Fish in Microwave Oven | Ilish Bhapa | Shorshe Ilish Recipe | Mach Bhapa


#microwavecooking #hilsafishrecipe #ilishbhapa #shorsheilishrecipe #shorshebatailish #bengalirecipes Ilish Shorshe Bata | Ilish Sheddho | Bhapa Ilish in Microwave Oven | Ilish Macher Bahia | Irish Macher Recipe | Shorshe Bata Diye Ilish | Bengali Recipe | Bangladeshi Recipe Procedure in Details (How to cook Shorshe ilish?): Step 1: Take Mustard Seeds 1. 1 tsp black mustard seeds 2. 1 tsp hello mustard seeds 3. You may add post seeds as well or take one type of mustard seeds depending on the variety you want. Step 2: Prepare other ingredients: 1. Roughly cut 1 medium sized onion 2. 1/4 inch size ginger 3. 2-3 green chillies depending on the spicy level you prefer 4. Marinate 2 pieces of hilsa fish with pinch of salt and turmeric powder for 5 mins Step 3: Make the paste 1. Take soaked mustard seeds on a grinder 2. Add chopped onion, ginger, green chillies 3. Make a fine paste Step 4: Prepare the sauce 1. Take out the masala paste on a microwave safe bowl 2. Add 1 tablespoon curd 3. 2-3 tablespoons mustard oil 4. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 5. Mix well Step 4: Microwave 1. Add hilsa fish pieces into the prepared sauce 2. add 2-3 slit green chillies 3. add tomato pieces 4. Microwave for 4 mins in 900 degree temperature 5. Take out the bowl and flip the fish pieces 6. Again Microwave for 3 minutes 7. Take out the bowl and garnish with 1 tablespoon of mustard oil 8. Serve with steam rice



Hi, I am Rima Mazumder. Welcome to my channel Amader Kitchen. About this video- Ilish bhapa is a Bengali dish cooked with mustard in steam. It can be also cooked without microwave oven but that's a different process which I will show in another video. INGREDIANTS: Hilsa fish (Ilish Mach), mustard seeds / mustard paste, green chillies, salt, turmaric powder, microwave proof container with lid. If you enjoyed the video, drop a like and comment. A share will be apreciated. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE the channel and hit the bell icon. Contact E-mail : amaderkitchen20🤍 #ilishbhapa #bengalidish #recipe #fishrecipe #cooking #dishes #food #kitchen

Ilish Vapa Recipe 3 Minute E Microwave e || Easy Ilish Vapa Recipe || Ilish Vapa Sarshe Diye


Ilish Vapa Recipe 3 Minute E Microwave e || Easy Ilish Vapa Recipe || Ilish Vapa Sarshe Diye Ilish macher vapa sarshe diye, microwave e ilish macher vapa recipe, easy ilish Vapa,matro 3 minutes e ilish Vapa, village style ilish vapa,maa didimar moton ilish vapa,khub kom somoye sahoj vabe ilish macher vapa ranna. #ilish_vapa #vapailish #microwave_ilish_vapa #ilish_recipe #ilish_macher _recipe microwave e ilish vapa ilish er recipe 3 minutes e lish mach vapa ilish vapa ilish vapa sahoj vabe Sarshe diye ilish vapa vapa ilish easy ilish macher vapa tasty recipe of ilish ilish mach ilish macher vapa ranna village style ilish macher vapa

vapa ilish / ilish vapa recipe in microwave / সরিষা ইলিশ রেসিপি / Steamed Hilsa Fish / fish bhapa


#bhapailish #ilishrecipe #ilishvapa #vapailishrecipe #ShorsheIlish #village food #bangla recipe #ilish vapa recipe in microwave #MOM Cooking & Vlogs #সরষে ইলিশ একবার এইভাবে বানিয়ে ফেলুন যার স্বাদ হবে দুর্দান্ত #Shorshe Ilish perfect Bengali recipe #IlishBhapa #FamousTraditionalBengaliRecipeBhapaIlish #SteamedHilsaFish Oler Bora / ol kochu recipe bengali / Ol Recipe Bangla / ওলের বড়া তৈরি করে দেখুন বার বার খেতে চায়বেন Bhapa ilish is a traditional and a very popular dish in Bengal. Here i am trying to show how to cook this dish quickly and easily in microwave oven. Ingredients: Hilsa fish 5 pieces Mustard paste posto as required for gravy Green chilli 8 to 10 or as per your taste Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp Salt to taste Mustard oil 4 to 5 tbsp yeoga jire pauder kasmiri mearch Today we will learn famous traditional Bengali fish recipe Ilish Bhapa or Bhapa Ilish. It is one of the best Bengali Recipe in Bengali Cuisine. So watch this step by step easy bhapa ilish recipe and try it at home. Ingredients of Ilish Bhapa Recipe: 1. Ilish mach / Hilsha fish (700 gm). 2. Shorshe / Mustard seeds paste (5 tbsp) (2 tsp black mustard and 1 tsp white mustard seeds). 3. Plain yogurt (2 tbsp). 4. Slitted green chilli (5 pc). 5. Turmeric powder (1 tsp). 6. Cumin powder (½ tsp). 7. Salt (as per your taste). 8. Sugar (as per your taste) (optional). 9. Mustard oil (3 tbsp). Methods of Ilish bhapa shorshe diye: 1. Take an air tight container. 2. Put ilish fishes in it. 3. Add 1 tsp turmeric powder, ½ tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp salt, and ¼ tsp sugar (optional). 4. Add 5 tbsp mustard seeds paste and 2 tbsp plain yogurt. 5. Add 3 tbsp mustard oil and green chillis in it. 6. Mix all the ingredients very well with Ilish Maach. Keep it for 10 min. 7. Then add ½ cup of water. Mix it very well. 8. Close the lid of the container. 9. Put the container on a pan. Add water in the pan. 10. Boil it for 15 min in medium flame. Close the lid. 11. After 15 min put off the gas oven. Open the lid of pan. Keep it 5 to 10 min for cooling. 12. Open the lid of the container. Ilish macher bhapa is ready 13. Serve hot Ilish Fish Bhapa with hot steamed rice. If you like this Bengali hilsa fish recipe then please like it, Comment it, Share it and must subscribe my channel to get regular new recipe videos. সর্ষে ইলিশ , সরিষাবাটা ইলিশ , Sorse Ilish (Hilsa Fish In Spicy Mustard Gravy) - Bengali Mustard Fish , Shorshe ilish (সর্ষে ইলিশ/সরিষা ইলিশ) recipe , Shorisha Ilish Recipe// সরিষা ইলিশ রেসিপি//Bangladeshi style Sorisha Ilish , shorshe ilish ranna , shorse elish , shorshe batai ilish mach , #ilishbhapa Ilish Bhapa in Boiled Rice , Village Traditional Hilsha Recipe , ilish bhapa , bhapa ilish , vapa hilsha , ilish vapa , boiled rice ilish bhapa , steamed ilish , steamed hilsha , grandmother recipe , mother recipe , hilsha , ilish , bhapa , ilish macher bhapa , fish bhapa , steamed fish , ilish recipe , ilish fish cooking , bengali ilish recipe , ilish mach , hilsha mach , hwo cook hilsha , ilish maach , bengali fish bhapa , fish bhapa in rice , villfood , bhater moddhe ilish bhapa , For Direct Subscription click on below link- 🤍 Channel name - #MOM Cooking & Vlogs If you like my video please comment share with your friends and subscribe My channel 🙏 Link Below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 h🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- For More Recipes Click #MOM Cooking & Vlogs

ILISH BHAPA in microwave- Steam Hilsa in 10 minutes recipe - Bengali festival Ilish macher recipe


#hilsa #ilishbhapa #microwavecooking #nonvegetarian 🌷It is a most quick recipe of hilsa fish. 🌷Iilish bhapa is most tasty & delicious dish & easy to prepare. 🌷Milk & coconut powder enhance the taste of the dish. Ingredients of Steam Hilsa..... 🐟Hilsa/ Ilish fish - 4 pieces 🐟 Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon 🐟 Salt - 2 teaspoon 🐟 Mustard powder- 2 tablespoon (I always prefer to use #SUNRISE Mustard powder) 🐟 Coconut powder- 2 tablespoon 🐟 Milk- 1 cup 🐟 Green chili- 3/4 pieces ( asper your taste) 🐟 Mustard oil- 6-8 tablespoon 🐟🐟🐟🐟 For more easy reciped please subscribe my channel 🤍 you can follow me on my Instagram 🤍easyrecipeofdona My facebook page donarsahojranna you can mail me donarsahojranna🤍

Ilish Bhapa in Microwave | ভাপা ইলিশ | Traditional Hilsa Fish Recipe | Shorshe Ilish Bhapa


Ilish Bhapa in Samsung Microwave | Ilish Bhapa Shorshe Diye | Ilish Bhapa - Famous Traditional Bengali Recipe Bhapa Ilish - Steamed Hilsa Fish | Ilish Bhapa Recipe "Bengali Style" | Ilish Bhapa | Famous Traditional Bengali Recipe Bhapa Ilish | How to make Steamed Hilish Fish Recipe | Ilish Bhapa | ভাপা ইলিশ | Bengali Shorshe Ilish Bhapa recipe | Bhapa Ilish recipe in Bengali | Ilish bhapa recipe - Bengali Hilsa Bhapa - Steamed Fish Curry Recipe | Traditional Steamed Hilsa Fish Recipe Bhapa Ilish or Shorshe Ilish Bhaape, you might be hearing these dishes a lot these days with the Ilish (hilsa) season is on full swing; it literally means steamed hilsa in mustard & spice mixture. Ilish Bhapa is a classic Ilish preparation of Bengali cuisine where fresh hilsa is marinated in special mustard-coconut-yogurt paste and steamed in good old tiffin box or microwave. The addition of pungent mustard oil and green chilli on top of freshly cooked Bhapa Ilish takes the bhaape to whole new dimension. Ilish Bhapa Is A Famous Bengali Recipe. Ilish Bhapa Is A Perfect Lunch Recipe. Ilish Bhapa Prepared By Few Ingredients. Ingredients for Ilish Bhapa Recipe:- Hilsa fish: 3 pieces coated Musard paste: 2 tablespoon mustard seeds, 5 green chili, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup water Water: as per choice Salt: 1/2 teaspoon / as per taste Turmeric powder: 1/2 teaspoon Green chili: 2 Mustard oil: 2 tablespoon Below is the link from where I have purchased Samsung Convection microwave 28 L : 🤍 #ilishrecipe #ilishvapa #ilishbhapa To subscribe Bong Foodies click Here: 🤍 Welcome to Bong Foodies family. We appreciate your suggestion regarding this video. This will motivate us to make new videos for you. If you like this video please subscribe to our channel and stay tuned. Facebook Group link : 🤍 Facebook Group Name : Bong Foodies Bong Foodies Official Email Id - alokesh633🤍 Please Join Us on Facebook & Instagram 👇🏽 Instagram profile link : 🤍 Facebook profile link : 🤍

Ilish bhapa in microwave | Microwave recipes


Bhapa ilish is a traditional and a very popular dish in Bengal. Here i am trying to show how to cook this dish quickly and easily in microwave oven. Ingredients: Hilsa fish 4 pieces Mustard paste as required for gravy Green chilli 8 to 10 or as per your taste Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp Salt to taste Mustard oil 4 to 5 tbsp

Ilish vapa in microwave in 15 mins | ilish bhapa bengali recipe | Hilsa fish recipe


Ilish vapa in microwave | ilish bhapa bengali recipe | Hilsa fish recipe | micro oven e ilish vapa recipe | ilish macher recipe Ilish vapa is a popular ilish macher recipe both the Bengal and Bangladesh. This ilish bhapa recipe is prepared in microwave oven in just 15 mins. So, prepare this popular hilsa fish curry quickly at your home. #ilishvapa #ilishbhaparecipe #microwavehacks #microwaverecipes Checkout other bengali fish recipes- komola katla - 🤍 Pabda tel jhal - 🤍 ada jire diye macher jhol - 🤍 = Music: Happy Clappy Ukulele by Shane Ivers - 🤍 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License 🤍 Music promoted by 🤍 = Thanks for watching & happy cooking!

Ilish Bhapa Shorshe Diye—Bengali Recipe of Steamed Hilsa in Mustard-Coconut Paste—Easy Ilish Recipe


COLLAB VIDEO by Hothat Jodi Uthlo Kotha: 🤍 _ Shorshe lish bhapa (or bhaape) meaning steamed mustard hilsa, is a Bengali recipe of hilsa fish (a type of shad) steamed in a potent mustard, doi (yoghurt) and coconut paste. Even though it looks very polished, it is a fairly easy recipe to execute, requiring few ingredients, no special technique, and very little time. It is especially convenient for entertaining guests. You can keep everything ready in a tiffin box, and just as the guests are sitting down for the first course you can put the container to steam. It will be ready by the time the guests are finishing the vegetable courses. You can then bring this to the table and open the lid to reveal the beautiful steaming hilsa while your guests are suitably excited and impressed. FULL TEXT RECIPE: 🤍 _SAVE ILISH! There is no fish tastier than Ilish, not to the Bangali. Ilish or hilsa is, however, facing extinction due to high demand and overfishing. While policy initiatives between India and Bangladesh are underway to tackle this alarming situation (hilsa conservation depends a great deal on water flow in the Padma-Meghna and Hooghly-Bhagirathi river systems), we can do our bit too. Read more about it at: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - View the FULL RECIPE at 🤍 RELATED VIDEOS Ilish tel jhol: 🤍 Ilish paturi: 🤍 OUR KITCHEN TOOLS (affiliate links; we earn a small commission): 🤍 MUSIC "Chowringhee" composed by Bemanan for Bong Eats GET THE ALBUM "Quorma-Kaliya-Polao" at 🤍 FIND US on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus 🤍bongeats

মাইক্রোওভেনে ১০ মিনিটেই ভাপা ইলিশ রেসিপি || Microwave Steamed Hilsa Fish Recipe || Vapa Ilish Recipe


মাইক্রোওভেনে ১০ মিনিটেই ভাপা ইলিশ রেসিপি || Microwave Steamed Hilsa Fish Recipe || Vapa Ilish Recipe For full written recipe with ingredients in Bengali & English, please visit: 🤍 ................................................................................. For more written Bangladeshi food recipes in Bengali & English, please visit: 🤍 ................................................................................. ................................................................................. If you like this recipe, please hit the "Like" button, comment below & share with others, thanks! ................................................................................. ................................................................................. Subscribe "Bangladeshi Food Recipe" : 🤍 ................................................................................. ................................................................................. Follow "Bangladeshi Food Recipe" FaceBook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 ................................................................................. #VapaIlish #BhapaIlish #SteamedHilsa #ভাপা_ইলিশ #MicrowaveHilsa #BDFoodRecipe

Bhapa Ilish in Microwave - Quick & Easy Way to cook Steamed Hilsa


We show you how to how to make the all time favorite Bengali delicacy - Ilish Machh Bhapa, or Steam Cooked Hilsa Fish. And as bonus, this is a really quick and easy way to make it in the microwave. Accralate - The Dark Contenent by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍

bhapa ilish in microwave / bhapa ilish / ভাপা ইলিশ / best microwave cooking recipe


Today I have Bhapa Ilish Recipe for you . this is bhapa ilish in microwave .it is best microwave cooking recipe . ভাপা ইলিশ or bhapa ilish is very testy . i am making bhapa ilish in microwave . Watch this video to find out how to make this receipe. Click to subscribe for more receipe. is a awesome ilish or hilsa fish bhapa made in microwave oven. it's so tasty & takes only few minutes to be cooked. it is a authentic bengali fish recipe made with mustard seed poppy seed & green chilli .This preparation tastes best with fresh Hilsa.Without pure Mustard oil you won't get the exotic taste of this dish!Watch this video to find out how to make this receipe. Click to subscribe for more receipe.Watch this video to find out how to make this receipe. Click to subscribe for more receipe. wish you good luck soma bose

Bhapa Ilish In 3 Minute - Steamed Hilsa Fish In Microwave - Microwave Cooking - Sharmilazkitchen


Hello my lovely foodies, Today I have Bhapa Ilish Recipe for you with step by step guide. Bhapa Ilish is a Bengali fish preparation which combines Bengali's substantial loves - The Hilsa Fish and mustard. Mustard gives pungent flavor to the Ilish and makes it amazingly delicious. Though the recipe is very easy and quick, cooking in the microwave makes it faster. Ingredients: - 2 Hilsa fish pieces. 2 tsp yellow mustard seeds, 1 tsp black mustard. Use big black mustard, it will not be bitter in taste. 1 Tsp Poppy seeds 3 - 4 green chilies, Salt to taste 1/4 Tsp turmeric powder 1/4 cup mustard oil. you should add oil little more. FACT OF HILSA: Hilsa is an oily fish and have a good amount of omega 3 fatty acid which controls cholesterol and high blood pressure and reduces heart disease. Plenty of fresh hilsa can be found in a monsoon in river side but Podmar ilish means hilsa of Ganges is the tastiest fish and very popular among Bengali, Odiya, and Assamese. It becomes like a festival, when Ilish arrives in the market,. Truly you won't get fish lovers like Bengali anywhere. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Mixed Vegetable Pakora - How To Make Crispy And Fluffy Veg Pakora - Tasty Party Starter Recipe" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Shorshe Ilish Bhapa in Microwave | Bengali Steamed Hilsa in Mustard sauce | ভাপা ইলিশ


Shorshe Ilish bhape (or bhaape) or Bhapa Ilish maach is one of the favourite things that almost every Bengali loves. It’s a simple recipe in which Hilsa fish is steamed in its own juices in a thick and creamy mustard sauce. Even though it is considered to be one of the most popular Bengali dishes, it’s easy to cook compared to any other fish preparations. Traditionally, Ilish Bhaape is cooked in a steel Tiffin box, tightly closed with a lid which is steamed in a cup of water in a kadhai or, sometimes it is steamed while cooking white rice. But, in this recipe I have shown how the same taste and texture can be achieved by cooking it in a microwave. It will take just 7.5 minutes of cooking time, 5 minutes of resting time and 30 minutes of preparation time. Sounds easy enough? There are a few important things to remember before grinding mustard in a mixer. 1. The mustard seeds need to be soaked for at least 2 hours before grinding in a mixer. The reason being, it will soften a bit and will easily yield a smooth paste. 2. Grinding mustard in a mixer takes a lot of patience. It takes a fair amount of time till we get the desirable smooth texture. Every seed needs to be completely crushed 3. To get a smooth mixture, grind a bit more amount of mustard seeds than necessary depending on the size of the jar 4. ALWAYS grind mustard with green chillies and salt otherwise the paste will turn bitter 5. Use less water to begin with and add as and when necessary Ingredients: Ilish or Hilsa fish 4 pieces without eggs- 250 grams Brown mustard seeds- ½ cups (depends on the size of your mixer jar) Mustard oil – ½ cup Salt – 2 teaspoons Turmeric powder – 1.5 teaspoons Curd – 2 tablespoons Green chillies -2 for grinding and 4-5 for steaming Process: 1. Grind the mustard seeds into a fine paste with 2 green chillies and 2 teaspoons of salt 2. In a microwave-safe glass bowl, add 3/4th of the mustard paste, 2 tablespoons of curd, ½ cup of mustard oil,1.5 teaspoons of turmeric powder and mix well 3. Add the ilish pieces and mix really well. Coat the surface of each fish including the cavities with the mustard sauce 4. Drizzle a tablespoon more of mustard oil 5. Add a few green chillies 6. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap and poke a few holes for the steam to escape 7. Microwave on high for 7.5 minutes 8. Bring it out of the microwave and rest for at least 5 minutes or open it just before serving 9. Serve it with some plain white rice #bhapailishinmicrowave #ilishbhapainmicrowave #Ilishbhapa Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to my channel: 🤍 I upload new videos every Friday. Please leave a comment and like my video to motivate me to post more recipes.

Ilish Bhapa || Ilish Bhapa in Microwave oven || Ilish vapa || Baked Hilsa || #shorts


Ilish Bhapa in Less than 2 Minutes || Ilish Bhapa in Microwave oven || Ilish vapa || Baked Hilsa || #shorts Ingredients: Ilish (Hilsa) white rai seeds black rai seeds poppy seeds(posto/khus khus) green chilli salt musturd oil Follow me on: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #hilsa #ilish #ilishvapa #ilishbhapa #bakedfish #bakedhilsa #ilishbhapain2mins #shorts

ইলিশ ভাপা /Ilish macher recipe/Shorshe ilish/ilish bhapa/elish vapa bengali recipe/hilsa fish curry


Today I'll prepare famous traditional Bengali fish recipe Ilish Bhapa or Bhapa Ilish. It is one of most popular Bengali fish recipes. So watch this step by step easy bhapa ilish recipe and try it at home with few ingredients in 15-20 mins.I hope you will like and enjoy. Ingredients of Ilish Bhapa Recipe: 1. Ilish mach / Hilsha fish (4 medium pieces). 2. Shorshe / Mustard seeds (2 tsp black mustard and 2 tsp white mustard seeds). 3. .Green chilli (6 pieces) 4. Turmeric powder 5. Salt (as per your taste). 6. Mustard oil (4 tbsp). Methods of Ilish bhapa: 1. Make a paste of mustard seeds along with green chillies. 2. Marinade the pieces of the fish with salt and turmeric powder and keep it aside for 10 mins. 3. Take an air tight container. 4. Add mustard seeds paste . 5. Add salt and turmeric and mix well. 6.Add little water if required. 7.Put marinated pieces of the fish. 8. Mix all the ingredients very well with Ilish Maach. 9.Add 4 tbsp mustard oil and green chillis in it. 10. Close the lid of the container. 11. Put a pan on gas oven. Add water in the pan.Let the water start boiling. 12.Put the container in the pan.Close the lid. 13. Boil it for 15 mins in medium flame. 14. After 15 mins put off the gas oven. Open the lid of the pan. Keep it 5 to 10 min for cooling. 15. Open the lid of the container. Ilish mach bhapa is ready. 16. Serve hot Ilish Fish Bhapa with hot steamed rice. If you like this Bengali hilsa fish recipe then please like it, Comment on it, Share it and please subscribe to my channel to get new recipe videos. Other Hilsa Fish Recipes: 1.Shorshe Ilish সর্ষে ইলিশ : 🤍 2.Doi Ilish দই ইলিশ : 🤍 3.Begun Ilish বেগুন ইলিশ : 🤍 4.kalojeera Ilish কালোজিরা ইলিশ : 🤍 5.Ilish Polao ইলিশ পোলাও : 🤍 6.Ilish Paturi ইলিশ পাতুরি : 🤍 7.Shorshe Posto Ilish সর্ষে পোস্ত ইলিশ : 🤍 8.Narkel dudh diye Ilish Maach নারকেল দুধ দিয়ে ইলিশ : 🤍

Microwave ilish vapa//সুস্বাদু ইলিশ মাছ ভাপা মাইক্রোওভেন এ//ইলিশ ভাপা//sorshe ilish//Nupur's Kitchen


#bengalicusine #nupurskitchen #ilishmaach hi i am nupur. this is my channel nupur's kitchen. I always share with you many traditional bengali cuisine recipes. today I share with you how to make ilish mach in microwave oven. please like share my recipes with your friends and family. don't forget to make a comment🙏. please do subscribe🔔 with bell 🙏🙏🙏. thanks for watching. how to make ilish mach in microwave oven how to cook ilish paturi how to cook ilish vapa how to make ilish mach vaja how to cook doi ilish mach how to cook sorshe ilish mach how to cook posto ilish bengal traditional ilish mach recipe

মাইক্রোওয়েভ ওভেনে ইলিশ ভাপা| Ilish Bhapa| Bhspa Ilish| Microoven Ilish Bhapa| BahariByanjon


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ILISH VAPA IN MICROWAVE ||Traditional bengali recipe || Just In 20 minutes


#illishvapa #illishrecipe Ingredients: 1.Hilsha fish (Ilish mach) 2.Red mustard paste (2tbsp) 3.White mustard paste (2tbsp) 4.Posto paste (2tbsp) 5.Green chilli paste (2tbsp) 6.Salt ( as per taste) 7.Turmeric powder(1tbsp) 8.Mustard oil (5tbsp) 9.Water 10.Green chillies (as per choice)

llish Macher Paturi//Ilish Mach in Microwave//Ilish Paturi// #ইলিশ মাছের পাতুরি


Ami rannar recipe share korar jonyo ei channel create korechi. Nanan dharaner recipe upload kora hobe ekhane #Ilish_Paturi

Ilish Bhapa Recipe 😋


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Ilish Bhapa in Microwave| Steamed Hilsa Fish (Bhapa Ilish) in Microwave Oven | Bengali Fish Recipe


Ilish bhapa or steamed hilsa is a very simple bengali style fish curry recipe. Here I have cooked the fish in a microwave oven 🤍 100 percent power for 10 minutes. Its basically a bengali mustard fish recipe of hilsa fish in mustard sauce, hence the name Shorshe Ilish. Use a microwave safe bowl with a lid for this ilish macher recipe as we need to cover and cook the fish in its own steam. I have shared many tips in the video so watch the entire cooking video. Its the easiest of fish recipes that you will ever see as you can keep everything mixed in a bowl and then microwave just before you want to serve. Hilsa fish doesn't need much time to get cooked so one can make this recipe instantly if you have all the ingredients. Just follow my methods and get cooking. Hope you all like this recipe of bhapa hilsa in microwave. DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE ...JUST CLICK THE "SUBSCRIBE" BUTTON and the "BELL ICON" and enjoy all my recipes and get notification of all new recipes that r posted on my channel. Do share your comments.... Watch my channel 🤍 🤍 WATCH OUR OTHER RECIPES: 1) Niramish Aloo dum recipe: 🤍 2) GATHI KOCHU KOSHA - 🤍 3) Mutton Curry Recipe: 🤍 4) Aloo Kabli recipe: 🤍 5) FRUIT CREAM RECIPE - 🤍 6) KOLKATA STYLE FISH FRY (BHETKI FISH) - 🤍 7) RAW BANANA KOFTA CURRY - 🤍 Kindly support us by buying from the affiliate links below: CAMERA EQUIPMENT 1) 🤍 - Tripod for DSLR 2) 🤍 - Ring Light with Tripod stand 3) 🤍 - DSLR 1500D with one Lens 4) 🤍 - DSLR camera with two Lenses 5) 🤍 - Microphone PRESSURE COOKERS:- = 1) Pressure Cooker, 1.5 Litre - 🤍 2) Pressure Cooker, 2 Litre - 🤍 MICROWAVE OVENS:- 1) 23 L Solo Microwave Oven - 🤍 2) 23 L Designer Microwave Oven - 🤍 3) 28 L Convection Microwave Oven - 🤍 KITCHEN APPLIANCES: = 1) 🤍 - 1.5 liter Electric Kettle 2) 🤍 - Modular Plastic Storage Containers 3) 🤍 - 500 Watt, 3 Jar Mixer Grinder 4) 🤍 - Electric Grill Sandwich Maker 5) 🤍 - Gas Sandwich toaster and Griller INGREDIENTS: 1) Ilish (hilsa) fish 6 pieces (about 700 grams) 2) mustard paste - 3 teaspoons 3) posto paste (poppy seeds paste) - 1 tablespoon 4) Green chili paste - 1 teaspoon 5) turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon 6) salt to taste 7) 2 tablespoon mustard oil for spice mixture, 8) 3 teaspoon of mustard oil extra for sprinkling on the fish. 9) 1/2 glass water (adjust as per need) 10) 3 slit green chilies #BhapaIlish #ShorsheIlishBhapa #SteamedHilsaFish

ভাপা ইলিশের অথেনটিক রেসিপি | Shorshe Diye Ilish Bhapa | Easy Ilish Vapa Recipe | Steamed Hilsa Fish


ভাপা ইলিশের অথেনটিক রেসিপি | Shorshe Diye Ilish Bhapa | Easy Ilish Vapa Recipe | Steamed Hilsa Fish Shorshe ilish Bhapa recipe or Ilish bhape is actually an authentic recipe of Bangladesh! Hilsha fish with mustard paste is a delicious combination. Vapa ilish as Bengali shorshe ilish recipe is most popular and delicious recipe among all the ilish recipes! This is a authentic Bangladeshi vapa ilish recipe which is actually the old tradition of Bangladesh. From the earlier days of our village tradition Bhapa ilish has a different taste! But now a days it becomes more twisted and losses it’s own test! This easy vapa hilsa fish recipe will remind you the test of heaven! বাঙালি ভাপা ইলিশ রেসিপি হলো আদি প্রাচীন কাল থেকে চলে আসা একটি রেসিপি। ইলিশের স্বাদ আর গন্ধ যেন সবচেয়ে বেশি অটুট থাকে এভাবে রান্না করলে! সরিষার সাথে ইলিশ মাছের অসাধারন একটা জুটি! এখনতো কালের বিবর্তনে ইলিশ মাছের ভাপা রান্নায় এসেছে নানা পরিবর্তন কিন্তু তারপরও গ্রামের সর্ষে দিয়ে ইলিশ ভাপা রান্নায় রয়েছে সেই আদিকালের ছোয়া! মাছের রাজা ইলিশের স্বাদ যেন আরো বহুগুনে বেড়ে যায় অন্যান্য মশলা ছাড়া শুধুমাত্র অথেনটিক ভাপা ইলিশ রান্নায়! ❇️সরিষা বাটার জন্য লাগছে - (Ingredients for Mustard Paste) # হলুদ সরিষা (Yellow Mustard) - 2 Tbs # কালো সরিষা (Black Mustard) - 1 Tbs # পানি (Water) - 1/2 Cup # কাঁচামরিচ (Green Chilli) - 4 pcs # লবণ (Salt) - to taste ❇️মাছ মাখানোর জন্য লাগছে - (Ingredients for fish Marination) # ইলিশ মাছ (Hilsa Fish) - 3 pcs or 350 gm # লবণ (Salt) - to taste # হলুদ গুড়া (Turmeric powder) - 1/4 tsp + 1/2 tsp # মরিচ গুড়া (Red Chilli powder) - 1 Tbs # সরিষার তেল (Mustard oil) - 2 Tbs # কাঁচামরিচ (Green Chilli) - 4 pcs ✅সর্ষে ইলিশ : 🤍 ✅ইলিশ খিচুড়ি : 🤍 ✅ইলিশ ভাজা : 🤍 ✅ইলিশ পোলাও : 🤍 ✅ইলিশ কোরমা : 🤍 আর রেসিপিটি ভাল লাগলে আমার ইউটিউব চ্যানেল “Recipes by Sheza’s Mom” সাবস্ক্রাইব করার অনুরোধ রইলো এবং কোন মতামত থাকলে ইউটিউব কমেন্ট সেকশনে আমাকে কমেন্ট করে জানাতে পারেন। রেসিপিটি বাসায় তৈরি করে আপনার অভিজ্ঞতাও আমাদের সাথে শেয়ার করতে পারেন আমাদের ফেসবুক পেইজ অথবা ফেসবুক গ্রুপে।লিঙ্ক নিচে - 👇 ফেসবুক পেইজঃ 🤍 ফেসবুক গ্রুপঃ 🤍 recipe bangla, bangla recipe, রেসিপি বাংলা, বাংলা রেসিপি Music Credit: 🤍 #shezasmomrecipe #ilishbhapa #ilishrecipe

Bhapa Ilish |Traditional Bengali Recipe Ilish Bhapa | Steamed Hilsa | #Shorts


Full Recipe: 🤍 Shorshe Ilish bhapa meaning steamed mustard hilsa, is a Bengali recipe of hilsa fish steamed in a potent mustard.It is a fairly easy recipe to execute, requiring few ingredients, no special technique, and very little time. Hope you like this video, then must try it at your home and enjoy with your family. I am so glad that you found my videos on YouTube. If you are new to my channel a big virtual hug to you and WELCOME to my channel "Leisure Time India".Thanks for watching! Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE! Thanks for SUBSCRIBING and SUPPORTING! Popular Videos 👇🏽 Gulab Jamun Recipe: Rava Gulab Jamun | Gulab Jamun Recipe With Milk Powder 🤍 Easy Kolkata Mutton Biryani Recipe: Dum Biryani Recipe| Kolkata Special Mutton Dum Biryani Recipe 🤍 Mutton Kosha: Mutton Kosha Bengali Recipe | Mutton Gravy | Mutton Recipes | Mutton Curry Recipe 🤍 Spring Rolls Recipe: Cheese Roll Recipe | Spring Roll Recipe in Hindi | Vegetable Spring Roll 🤍 Bhapa Doi: Bengali Sweet Recipe | Mishti Doi Recipe| Bhapa Doi Recipe in Oven | Bengali Dessert 🤍 Chicken Korma: Chicken Korma Recipe in Hindi | Chicken Recipe | Chicken Curry | Chicken Korma Recipe 🤍 Breakfast Recipes: Breakfast Recipes Healthy | Semiya Upma | Seviyan Upma | Vermicelli Upma 🤍 Vegetable Kurma: Veg Kurma for Chapathi | Veg Kurma Recipe | Veg Recipes | Veg Recipes for Dinner 🤍 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Please Join Us on Facebook & Instagram 👇🏽 ❤️ Facebook: 🤍 ❤️ Instagram: 🤍 ❤️ YouTube: 🤍 Leisure Time India Official Email ID - sargam0916🤍 = Disclaimer: The video is based on my experience and searches on the internet/social media, which might not be suitable for everyone. Please take proper necessary measures before using any of the products used in this video. As we cannot be responsible for any side effects or loss. While making the videos, we have taken necessary precautions but still, we cannot be responsible for any harm or damage might cause for trying the same. #Ilishbhapa #Bhapailish #LeisureTimeIndia #Debopriya

Ilish vapa || Steamed Hilsa || Bengali Fish Recipe ||


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ভাপা ইলিশ || Steamed Hilsa Fish || Traditional Bengali Bhapa Ilish || Ilish Vapa Recipe


চেষ্টা করেছি অথেনটিক বেঙ্গলি স্টাইলে ভাপা ইলিশটা রান্না করে দেখাতে। আগেকার দিনে দাদী-নানীরা যেভাবে করতেন। কিছু রান্না থাকে যার মধ্যে কোনো ফিউশন আনা যায় না , আদিকাল থেকে একইরকম থাকে। এটাও তেমনি একটা খাবার। আশা করছি আজকের রেসিপি ভালো লাগবে আপনাদের। ভালো লাগলে আমার চ্যানেলটি সাবস্ক্রাইব করতে ভুলবেন না প্লিজ। মালাইয়ের রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 দেশি ঘি রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 Don't forget to Hit that bell notification to stay updated and Like, Share, Subscribe to my channel :) পানতোয়া বা গোলাপজামের রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 ফুচকার রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 তেঁতুলের টকের রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 ফুচকা রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 পানিপুরি রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 হোটেল স্টাইল পারফেক্ট সফট পরোটা রেসিপি লিংক 👉👉 🤍 কালোভুনার রেসিপি লিংক 👉 👉 🤍 চট্টগ্রামের মেজবানি মাংসের রেসিপি লিংক 👉 👉 🤍 লাচ্ছা পরোটার রেসিপি লিংক 👉 👉 🤍 ভুনা খিচুড়ির রেসিপি লিংক 👉 👉 🤍 গরম মশলার রেসিপি লিংক👉 👉 🤍 চকলেট স্পঞ্জ কেক ও হুইপড ক্রীমের রেসিপি 👉👉 🤍 ফেসবুক পেজ এর লিংক 👉 👉 🤍 আমাদের গ্রুপ ''ফুড ফ্যান্টাসি'' এর লিংক 👉 👉 🤍 👉 👉 Visit my website (ওয়েবসাইট ): 🤍 Download my mobile app (মোবাইল app): 🤍

Ilish Bhapa Bengali Recipe-Vapa Ilish Recipe In Bengali-Bengali Hilsa Fish Curry Recipe


Ilish bhapa bengali recipe or vapa ilish recipe in bengali is bengali hilsa fish curry recipe.Ilish macher bhapa bengali recipe or shorshe ilish recipe bangla is traditional bengali fish curry recipe or best bengali fish curry recipe.Learn how to make steamed hilsa fish or how to make ilish bhapa in bengali.This hilsa fish mustard curry recipe or shorshe posto ilish recipe in bengali is easy bengai fish curry.Try this bengali style sorshe ilish recipe or ilish bhapa recipe in bengali. You can try my other recipes: My All Chicken Recipes Playlists : 🤍 Instant Thandai Masala Powder-How To Make Thandai For Holi-Health Drink For Kids And Pregnant Women : 🤍 Methi Paratha Bengali Recipe-Bengali Style Paratha Recipe-How to make Methi Ka Paratha at Home: 🤍 Moong Dal Khichuri Recipe Bengali-Moong Dal Khichdi Bengali Recipe-Bengali Style Khichuri Recipe: 🤍 Badhakopir Ghonto-Badhakopi Recipe Bengali Style-Easy Dry Cabbage Recipe-Cabbage Curry Bengali Style: 🤍 Sondesh Paturi-ছানার সন্দেশ রেসিপি-Chanar Sondesh Recipe Bengali-How To Make Bengali Sandesh At Home: 🤍 Rasbora Bengali Sweet Recipe-Bengali Pitha Recipe Rosbora-Bengali Easy Sweet Recipes: 🤍 Gajorer Halua Recipe In Bangla-Best Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe-Easy Indian Sweet Dishes Recipes At Home: 🤍 Dudh Puli Pitha Recipe Bengali-Narkel Dudh Puli Pitha Recipe-Easy Dudh Puli Pitha Recipe: 🤍 Patishapta Recipe In Bangla-Easy Patishapta Recipe In Bengali-Pancake With Coconut Filling Recipe: 🤍 UP Style Nimona Recipe-Easy Green Peas Masala Recipe: 🤍 Chicken Gold Coins Recipe-Non Veg Recipe For Snacks: 🤍 Mughlai Katla Fish Recipe-Mughlai Style Fish Recipe: 🤍 Easy Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe For Beginner-Christmas Special Fruit Cake With Eggs In Microwave: 🤍 Homemade Molasses With Just 2 Ingredients-Dark Caramel Syrup Recipe-How To Make Dark Caramel Syrup: 🤍 Jalpai Chutney Bengali recipe: 🤍 Restaurant Style Badshahi Paneer Korma Recipe Without Onion And Garlic | Paneer Korma Recipe: 🤍 Quick And Easy Dal Recipe In Pressure Cooker/Mulo Diye Dal Bengali Recipe: 🤍 Chicken Muitha Recipe | Chicken Kofta Curry Recipe: 🤍 Bengali Dudh Chitoi Pitha Recipe | Bengali Dudh Sora Pithe Recipe: 🤍 Dhania Kasundi Parshe Fish: 🤍 Spinach Shukto Recipe - Palong Shak Recipe Bengali Style: 🤍 Follow me on FACEBOOK: 🤍 #bengalifishrecipes #ilishmacherrecipe #ilishvapa

Ilish Vapa Bengali Recipe I Shorshe Ilish I Steamed Hilsa Fish Microwave Recipe I Easy Ilish Recipe


Click on the links below to watch more cooking videos from this channel: Oil Free Chicken Recipes | Oil Free Recipe | Oil Free Chicken Curry Recipe in Bengali 🤍 Authentic Bengali Chicken Curry Recipe। Murgi'r Laal Jhol - A Red Chicken Curry 🤍 Chingri Bhapa।মাত্র 10 মিনিটের মধ্যেই বানিয়ে ফেলুন চিংড়ি ভাপা। Steamed Prawn। Shorse Chingri Bhapa 🤍 my instagram link: 🤍 my facebook page link: 🤍 mail id: kumkumlifestyle🤍 #kitchenqueenkumkum #cookingchannel #cookingrecipe #cookingtips #kitchentips #foodvlog #foodrecipe #vapailish #Bengalistyleshorseilish #bengalistylefishrecipe #shorsheilishrecipe #microwavecooking #Microwaveilish #Steamed_Hilsa_Fish_Microwave_Recipe #Easy_Ilish_Recipe #lish_Vapa_Bengali_Recipe #shorshe_ilish #hilshafishrecipe #hilsharecipe #hilshafish #hilsha_fish_recipe #hilshafishcurry #hilsha_fish #Hilsha

পূজো স্পেশাল ইলিশের সেরা রেসিপি।Ilish macher recipe,ilish recipe,shorshe ilish recipe, Sorshe ilish


পূজো স্পেশাল ইলিশের সেরা রেসিপি।Ilish macher recipe,ilish recipe,shorshe ilish recipe, Sorshe ilish Aam Doi/Mango Dahi/ How to Make Mango Yogurt 🤍 দুর্দান্ত স্বাদের মেটে চচ্চড়ি দেখেই জিভে জল।। Bengali Mete Chorchori Recipe।। Mutton Liver curry 🤍 sorshe ilish bhapa, ilish recipe, shorshe ilish recipe, Sorshe ilish, ilish bhapa recipe, thakur barir ilish recipe, ilish recipe, thakur barir ilish bhapa, thakur barir recipe, bengali ilish recipe, bhapa ilish, bengali fish recipe, recipe in bengali, narkol shorshe ilish, sorshe ilish, hilsa fish recipe, festival recipe, doi ilish bhapa, shorshe ilish bengali recipe, shorshe ilish bhapa, ilish mach, ilish fish, bhapa ilish maach, sorse bhapa ilish, ilish recipes, easy hilsa recipe, ilish bhapa recipe bengali video, bhapa ilish in hindi, ilish macher bhapa, ilish bhapa in microwave, bhapa ilish in oven, bhapa ilish in bengali, ilish bhapa bengali style, bhapa ilish ranna, ilish maach ranna, bhojohori manna ilish bhapa, bhapa ilish recipe video, bhapa ilish with coconut, ilish macher bhapa, ilish bhapa in microwave, bhapa ilish in oven, bhapa ilish in bengali, ilish mach, ilish maach, sorshe ilish bhapa, Sorse ilish, PriyarRannaghor&Lifestyle, sorshe ilish bengali recipe, hilsa fish in mustard powder, steamed hilsa fish, elish bhapa, bhapa ilish bengali, bong eats ilish recipe, bong HIT THE "LIKE" BUTTON AND "SHARE" IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. AND PLEASE "SUBSCRIBE" TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE RECIPE VIDEOS. আমার ভিডিও আপনার ভালো লাগলে বন্ধুদের সাথে SHARE করুন, LIKE করুন আর আরো অনেক বাঙালি রান্নার AUTHENTIC রেসিপির ভিডিও দেখতে থাকার জন্য আজই SUBSCRIBE করুন। * My Facebook link : 🤍 Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All credit for copyright materiel used in video goes to respected owner....

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