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How to RIP a DVD on a Computer - Digitize your DVDs


Want to Rip a DVD to a computer? Do you want to digitize your DVD library? This video walks you through the process for both Mac and PC using free software called Handbrake. Here is a link to my favorite external Blu-Ray/DVD player if your computer doesn't have one. (affiliate link) 🤍 Download Handbrake here 🤍 Thank you for watching the video! Please share and subscribe. = Share this video: 🤍 = See more simple and easy to follow how-to videos. Subscribe 🤍

How to Rip DVDs with VLC


In this video tutorial, I'll be showing you how to rip DVDs with VLC. #HowTo #Tutorial #VLC Subscribe 🤍 Playlists 🤍 Donate 🤍 Support 🤍 Website 🤍 Social 🤍 🤍 🤍 Discord 🤍 TubeBuddy 🤍 Welcome to Aspiration! My name is David Reilly, and I create technology programming for the masses. There are loads of great YouTube channels for the tech-savvy users amongst us, but far few for everyone else. So, therefore I am here. The mindset of this channel is to educate. I produce step-by-step how-to tutorials, helpfully tech reviews, informative top 5 lists, and insightful commentary about the industry. You should be left with no doubt about my intention for this channel. I am here to help you. New Videos are Uploaded on Thursdays and Sundays at 6 P.M. UK Time.



This is an improvement on the previous ripper* in every aspect! This new ripper can rip*: 480p DVD's 1080P Blu-rays 4k Blu-rays Audio CDs with all metadata and cover art!* Suggested Blu-ray drive for ripping (stock rip 1080P, but can be flashed to rip 4K): 🤍 Chapters: - Intro 00:37 - Hardware Requirements 06:44 - Software Tutorial Start 07:56 - Install essential software 08:33 🤍 - Turn off disc autoplay 09:18 - Install Virtualbox and Extensions 9:39 🤍 - Get VortexBox 11:16 🤍 - Import virtual machine (VM) 12:54 - Configure VM 14:32 - Attach drives to VM 16:14 - Change root password 18:30 sudo passwd root - Update Fedora 19:20 dnf -y update - Get VM IP address 20:18 - Create chare folder 22:00 - Web UI for VortexBox 26:05 - Map remote storage to VM 26:56 dnf config-manager set-enabled fedora dnf repolist all mount.cifs //IP of share/sharefolder /storage -o username=user,password=password,domain=WORKGROUP dnf install -y cifs-utils - Map share on startup 33:16 sudo nano /opt/vortexbox/post_startup.sh - Configure ripper 36:01 - License MakeMKV 39:03 - Setup remote monitoring and administration 41:38 - Clone and configure additional VMs 45:57 - Start VMs in headless 50:38 - Outro 51:20 Songs: A Christmas Tree In Every Home by MusicLFiles Link: 🤍 Funky Upturn by chilledmusic Link: 🤍 Get Happy by Sascha Ende® Link: 🤍 Funky Empire (Loopable) by chilledmusic Link: 🤍 Your Call by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 *This tutorial is for educational purposes only. Excelsior Tech does not endorse piracy or breaking the laws of your country. Support the artists. Purchase your media. Copy protection on Blu-rays can tell the ripper (makemkv) that there are more feature-length tracks than there actually are, resulting in multiple large files. Monitoring and clean-up may be needed. * CDDB that grabs the CD metadata is using "gnudb.org", and while it works most of the time, you still may get mismatches and no-matches from time to time. Be prepared to manually name some files.

Ripping DVDs using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


Ripping DVDs is simple. Load the DVD, choose from hundreds of video formats, select the titles and then RIP. This video will guide you through Ripping your first DVD. Try it for free (Limited 5 minutes per Video) at 🤍

How to Rip TV Season Discs (DVD & BluRay) & Organize them in Plex!


I'm frustrated with streaming media, so I decided to finish ripping my physical media library and stream via Plex. In this video I show you how to rip the best quality DVD and BluRay television seasons (with episodes separated) and how to properly name and organize your files so Plex Media Server can easily sort them! Plex Affiliate Links: Signup: 🤍 Plex Pass: 🤍 Plex Pass Gift: 🤍 MakeMKV: 🤍 Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC: 🤍 Thanks for watching! - 📬 Shipping: P.O. Box 459 Jeffersonville, IN 47131 📧 For marketing/business/sponsorship inquiries, email adam🤍eposvox.com 💻 Discord Server: 🤍 📈 Support w/ Fan Funding: 🤍 💵 Direct Donation: 🤍 🎥 Gear list: 🤍 🎬 Amazon Reviews: 🤍 - ►► Follow Us! ◄◄ 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🎭 Facebook: 🤍 📼 Live Stream: 🤍 - ★ Our Channels ★ ✖ Technology Channel: 🤍 ✖ Pokemon TCG Channel: 🤍 🎤 Vlog Channel: 🤍 🎮 Gaming Channel: 🤍 - ✖ Sponsors & Affiliate Links ✖ ★ GOG - DRM-free Games! 🤍 ★ Amazon Affiliate Link: 🤍 ★ B&H Video Gear List: 🤍 ★ TubeBuddy: 🤍 ★ VideoBlocks: 🤍 - EposVox is a channel dedicated to making technology more accessible for anyone via product reviews, tutorials, guides, how-to videos and more! Any links to products or services may be affiliate links that give me a small kickback at no cost to you, with no influence on the content. Free #Tech_Education here! Or, #Techucation - #EposVox delivers it!

Convert DVD to MP4 for Free - Dvd to MP4 Premium Software FREE


* No Payment required Free download WinX DVD Ripper to convert and play DVD on Windows 10/11 for FREE 🤍 Check how to play DVD on Windows 10/11 for free: 🤍 If you are needing a cheap DVD drive then click this search link: 🤍 WinX DVD Ripper assists you to convert any old/new DVD discs to MP4, H.264, AVI, MOV and other digital formats for easy playback on Windows 10 laptops, Xbox or HDTV without DVD drive, as well as safely storing DVDs to hard drive, NAS, etc. It also can shrink the DVD size up to 80% smaller than original with 1:1 quality ratio. #dvdtomp4 #cancelnetflix #freedvdtomp4 ——————————————————————————————————————— For Business Enquires: Email me: stu.techtime🤍gmail.com FOLLOW ME ON Twitter 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK 🤍 ———————————————————————————————————————If Thanks for watching and subscribe if you want to see more of this content...... its free! AFFILIATED LINKS/ADVERTISING NOTICE- All links are Affiliated where possible. When you click on links to various merchants posted here and make a purchase, this can result in me earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network & Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to AMAZON Sites (including, but not limited to Amazon US/UK/DE/ES/FR/NL/IT/CAN)

How to Rip a DVD to your PC with VLC


Try WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to Rip Any DVD without Trouble! 🤍 If you have any trouble to rip a DVD with VLC, like no audio, crashes, missing subtitles, black bars, freezes, check this guide: 🤍 In this short video i show you how easy it is to Rip a DVD to your PC with VLC

Time to UNSUBSCRIBE from Netflix, Disney+, etc!


Streaming services are getting worse by the day. FIGHT BACK! Here's how you can cancel your subscriptions and still watch the movies and shows you love—legally! Special thanks to ASUSTOR for sponsoring this video—check out their new 2nd-gen Lockerstor 6-bay NAS: 🤍 Part 2 is here! 🤍 Mentioned in this video (some links are affiliate links): - Pioneer BDR-XD07UHD 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Drive: 🤍 - ASUSTOR Lockerstor 6 Gen2 AS6706T NAS: 🤍 - ASUSTOR Drivestor 4 Pro AS3304T NAS: 🤍 - My 3-2-1 Backup Plan: 🤍 - WarGames Blu-Ray: 🤍 - MakeMKV: 🤍 - VLC: 🤍 - Handbrake: 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Sponsor me on GitHub: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 2nd Channel: 🤍 Contents: 00:00 - It's TOO MUCH 00:40 - Mutiny! Piracy? 01:15 - I'm gonna rip it! 01:37 - Thanks, ASUSTOR 02:22 - They're altering the deal 03:22 - How to fight back 05:03 - Ripping Blu-rays 06:01 - MakeMKV 08:24 - VLC and Handbrake 12:03 - Handling a media library 13:42 - Jelly fin

Ripping your DVD's to a digital format to watch on your PLEX Media Server


Ripping your DVD's to a digital format to watch on your PLEX Media Server In this video I show you how to rip your DVD's to a digital format to watch on a media server. * 🤍 MKV - MKV stands for "Matroska Video". * 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 - Start 02:08 - Download and Install MakeMKV 03:55 - Attach USB DVD Drive and Insert DVD 04:50 - Make The MKV Files 05:52 - Rename and Copy files to my library 06:37 - Conclusion Youtube Equipment - [ ] Camera - Sony ZV E10 - 🤍 - [ ] 2nd Camera - Go Pro Hero 8 Black - 🤍 - [ ] 3rd Camera - iPhone XR - 🤍 - [ ] Microphone - Rode Video Micro - 🤍 - [ ] Microphone - BOYA BY-M1 - 🤍 - [ ] Microphone - Hollyland Lark M1 - 🤍 - [ ] Lights - Emart LED Video Light - 🤍 - [ ] Computer - 2020 MacBook Air M1 - 🤍 MKV,makeMKV,DVD,DVD Ripping,DavinciResolve18,Sony ZVE10,OBS Studio 28,Rode Video Micro,How to backup your media,plex media server,rip dvd,dvd ripper,get dvd movies onto a plex server,media server,winx dvd ripper

🔥🔥The Best Free BD-DVD Ripper of 2023 I Super Easy to Use!!


Wondering how to rip a DVD on your computer? How to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs to digital like MP4, MKV, etc? This awesome free DVD ripper you must try! 👉Explore VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper: 🤍 📌 Timestamps below to guide you through this video: 0:00 Intro - Your Unexpected Side of VideoByte 1:30 How to Rip DVD/Blu-ray Discs for free? 3 Steps Only! 🙌 Why choose VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper? -Available to rip Blu-ray/DVD discs of all types -Boost the ripping process to be 6X faster -Support 300+ mainstream video/audio output formats -Original quality ensured.1080p and 4K supported 📍Download Link: VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper for Windows/Mac: 🤍 🔎 Explore more How to Rip Blu-ray Movie to PC: 🤍 How to Rip and Copy DVD to Hard Drive (for Beginners): 🤍 How Can I Rip and Upload DVD to YouTube: 🤍 Find VideoByte on Official Website for more tips:🤍 🥰Follow VideoByte for more tips: 📌Subscribe Our Channel: 🤍 📘 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 📸 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 🎦 Follow us on Tiktok: 🤍 All That by Bensound | 🤍 Music promoted by 🤍 #VideoByte #DVDRipper #dvd #Bluraydisc dvd ripper for pc blu ray ripping tutorial rip blu-ray to digital dvd to digital dvd ripper dvd ripper freeware

INSANE turn ANY DVD into a digital copy


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum free trial: 🤍 WinX DVD Ripper special offer - 🤍 How to rip a DVD for streaming: 🤍 For Streamers, it has been years since any of us have used DVD. With that being said I'm sure all of us have a big box of them preserved somewhere. In comes a life saving computer software that makes it SO easy to turn your DVD into .MP4 digital copies. It really is as easy as putting in the DVD and pressing a button. Now all of those favorite memories are ready to travel everywhere with you. !!! Join our FREE Facebook support group!!! 🤍 0:00 Video begins 1:15 Why turn DVD into a Digital copy? 2:52 How to get started 3:55 Different Conversion options 5:39 Testing the File 6:30 Is WinX worth it? 8:06 Final Thoughts 📺Check out our other playlists on how to get the most out of your VPN! Google TV 🤍 Android TV Box 🤍 Google Chromecast Tv 🤍 📺Don't forget to check out our Reddit Community r/StreamingTalk 📺 🤍 #UpgradeGuy #WinX #DvdRip #WinDVDRIPPER #DVDTOMP4 #WinXDVD 📺 Additional videos to help you with breaking news on streaming devices in 2022! Turn MXQ pro Into a Nvidia Shield - 🤍 Shield Experience 8.2.3 - 🤍 Onn Android tv box any good? - 🤍 Top Netflix Secret Codes Every Streamer must watch this! - 🤍 Netflix Hidden Codes - 🤍 HDR now on Prime - 🤍 Best Media Player - 🤍 Stop using Express VPN - 🤍 Top 3 Streaming apps for Firestick - 🤍 Factory reset any android box - 🤍 Firestick Exchange program - 🤍 2021 Firestick Set up complete - 🤍 Minix Neo T5 Review - 🤍 Unlinked Taken Down? - 🤍 Mx Player Pro Best settings - 🤍 📺 Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and follow us on all of our social medias linked below! 🤍 - Donations - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

How to Rip and Re-Encode Your DVDs | MacX DVD Ripper Pro Review


In this video, I am reviewing MacX DVD Ripper Pro. This software can rip and re-encode homemade and commercial DVDs to a variety of encoding and file formats. If you have old content still on DVDs that won't see updated release, you may want to rip those discs and re-encode that content to current codecs like H.264 and HEVC. MacX DVD Ripper Pro free trial: 🤍 MacX DVD Ripper Pro special sale: 🤍 Thank you for doing all the regular YouTube stuff (like, subscribe, comment, share the video, and hit the bell for notifications) and supporting the channel! * Give a Super Thanks if you found a video helpful. * Click on the "Thanks" in any video. * Be a channel member on YouTube for neat perks. * 🤍 * Shop with Audio Adivce using our affiliate link or code "Techthusiasm". * 🤍 * Shop with Amazon using our associate link. * 🤍 * Registering your Kaleidescape hardware to give AND receive a movie store credit with our code "pyle21432". * 🤍 * Donate via PayPal. * 🤍 * Shop Techthusiasm brand merchandise.* 🤍 Also follow on other social media! * Instagram | 🤍jaremypyle | 🤍 * * Twitter | 🤍Jaremy_P | 🤍 * * Blog & Portfolio | 🤍 * #hometheater #homecinema #dvd

FREE DVD Ripper!


Looking for a free DVD ripper? NO Watermarks, ADs, or Length Limitations! DVD Ripper removes Copy Protection technologies like CSS, Region Code, Sony ARccOS, Disney X-project DRM, and more. Rips a DVD in less than 15 minutes with NO loss in Quality! Download it for FREE at 🤍

How to Convert DVD to MP4 Easily with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper | Digitize Your DVDs Perfectly


Guys ,today I'm taking a look at this cool Blu-ray and DVD ripper software from VideoByte. This is packed with features and has a price tag that won't break the bank! Try VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper for free: 🤍 Subscribe to VideoByte's Official Channel & get more latest content: 🤍 Know something about VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper: The only ripper software on the market that supports both DVD and Blu-ray Discs Convert DVD to MP4, MKV, etc. 300+ mainstream video/audio output formats without losing quality Remove any DVD protection like AACS, CPRM, Cinavia, APS, CSS... and rip all types of DVD discs easily Perfectly preserve subtitles and audio tracks Supports up to 6x faster encoding speed with GPU acceleration technology Thank you for watching my video. YOU make these videos happen from your support so please like, share and subscribe if you already haven't. Please leave any comments or post any questions below. Please be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed this video and hit the reminder button so you don't miss a post. Thanks! All my sound design was using: EPIDEMIC SOUND - 🤍 DONATE to my channel to help me create more content paypal.me/seenthroughalens = Instagram: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter : 🤍 = Film Making Gear Used: = Cameras Sony A7S III Sony A74 Sony A6400: 🤍 Canon M50: 🤍 GoPro Hero 7 Black: 🤍 GoPro Hero 9 Black DJI Osmo Pocket: 🤍 DJI Osmo Action: 🤍 Insta360 OneX2: 🤍 = Lenses Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 Full Frame: 🤍 Canon 15-45mm: 🤍 Canon 22mm: 🤍 Sony 16-50mm: 🤍 Sigma 16mm F1.4: 🤍 = Lighting: Aputure 120 d MK2: 🤍 Aputure Amaran AL-MX: 🤍 Aputure Light Dome II: 🤍 SAMTIAN 3960 Lux Bi-Color Photography Lighting Kit: 🤍 Colbor Studio Lights Sirus Studio Lights Aputure RGB = Sound: Rode Video Micro: 🤍 Rode Video Mic NTG: 🤍 Rode Wireless GO: 🤍 Rode Lavalier GO: 🤍 Zoom H1N Sound Recorder: 🤍 Fifine K658 Fifine K688 Hollyland Wireless Mics 7RYMS IRay DW30 Wireless Mics SYNCO G2 SYNCO G3 = Drones: DJI Mavic Pro 2: 🤍 DJI Mavic Air Fly More Kit: 🤍 = Gimbals Zhiyun Weebil S: 🤍 DJI OM 4: 🤍 Zhiyun Crane M3 = Scooter Smart Helmets Livall BH51M NEO: 🤍 Livall C20: 🤍 Livall Evo = Editing: Editing Video Software: Final Cut Pro X Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop = = PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL = = CONTACT: Email: dave.samuel🤍me.com = DISCLAIMER: = I generally buy all my own gear. In the event that any company would like to send me anything to review, I will state this from the outset. However, I review all products with my own personal opinion. = Affiliate Links: Some of the links in my video descriptions may be affiliate links, which means, poses no extra cost to you, I will make a small commission if you click them and make a purchase. =

Rip a DVD to your PC Free with Handbrake


In this video i show you how you can rip a DVD to a pc using the free software Handbrake Software location: 🤍 DLL File location: 🤍

WinX DVD Ripper Tutorial | Easy Steps to Rip and Convert DVDs


Welcome to our comprehensive WinX DVD Ripper tutorial! In this step-by-step video guide, we'll show you how to effortlessly rip and convert your DVD collection using WinX DVD Ripper software. Whether you want to digitize your movies for convenient playback on your preferred devices or create a backup of your cherished DVD collection, this tutorial has got you covered. Throughout this tutorial, you'll learn how to navigate WinX DVD Ripper's user-friendly interface, choose the optimal output settings, and effectively rip your DVDs to various digital formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. We'll also provide helpful tips and insights to enhance the overall ripping process and ensure high-quality output. Why struggle with outdated DVD players or the inconvenience of physical discs when you can easily transform your DVD library into digital files? With WinX DVD Ripper, you'll unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to enjoy your movies anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Don't miss out on this opportunity to simplify your DVD management and elevate your entertainment experience. Watch our WinX DVD Ripper tutorial now and discover the ultimate solution for ripping and converting your DVD collection hassle-free! Please subscribe: 🤍 WHAT I MADE THIS VIDEO WITH - Sudotack USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone: 🤍 - Logitech C922x Pro Webcam: 🤍 - Redragon K596 Keyboard and M686 Mouse: 🤍 Find us here! Shop Media Server: 🤍 Shop Merch: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Contact Us: 🤍 WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review: 🤍 Download Software: 🤍 Creators: if you want to increase your viewership and subscribers you need to try TubeBuddy. It worked for us. Click here and try it for free: 🤍 Disclaimer: Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com. #RIPDvd #PLEX #CopyMovies #winxdvd

Quickly & Easily RIP DVDs with Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro - Review


How to Quickly & Easily RIP DVD's to your computer or laptop using the DVD Ripper Pro software from #Wonderfox. The software is very user friendly, easy to navigate and works great. (License key sent free for review) ► Subscribe: 🤍 DVD Ripper: 🤍 ► Follow on Twitter: 🤍 ► Follow on Facebook: 🤍 ► Amazon Affiliate: 🤍 Want to send me something? Shipping: Attn: CappTech P.O. Box 174136 Arlington, TX. 76003 *GEAR I USE:* Camera: 🤍 Camera Mic: 🤍 Desktop Mic: 🤍 Capture Card: 🤍 Webcam: 🤍 Mouse: 🤍 Keyboard: 🤍 Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: 🤍

How To Rip 4K Dolby ATMOS Blu-rays | The LAST Guide You’ll Ever Need


📦 Check out the Pioneer BDR-XS07UHD External 4K Blu-ray Drive on Amazon ► 🤍 📦 Buy External Hard Drives on Amazon ► 🤍 📦 Synology NAS on Amazon (we have the DS1621+ model and DX517 expansion unit) ► 🤍 💬 MakeMKV Compatible UHD Drives Thread ► 🤍 Today on TwoGuyzTech, Logan is going to be talking about his experience in ripping 4K Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X Blu-rays to hard drive storage for a NAS and media streaming using MakeMKV. 🔊 Recommended Home Theater Gear 🔊 📦 Valencia Theater Seating ► 🤍?sca_ref=520594.nMbvTakY82 📦 Sonax TGR-700-B Granville Mocha Black Wood Veneer TV Stand ► 🤍 📦 Yamaha RX-V6A/TSR-700 4K Dolby ATMOS AV Receiver ► 🤍 📦 Denon AVR-S750H 4K Dolby ATMOS AV Receiver ► 🤍 📦 Onkyo TX-NR595 4K Dolby ATMOS AV Receiver ► 🤍 📦 RUIPRO 8K HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Cables ► 🤍 📦 RUIPRO 4K HDMI 2.0 Fiber Optic Cables ► 🤍 📦 Sony X900H 4K HDR TV ► 🤍 📦 Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 120" 16:9 Projector Screen ► 🤍 📦 Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD HDR Blu-ray Player ► 🤍 📦 Synology DS1621+ Six-Bay 3.5" HDD Network NAS Server ► 🤍 📦 Topping MX3 Desktop Speaker & Headphone Amplifier with DAC ► 🤍 📦 Topping E30 Desktop DAC ► 🤍 📦 GOVEE Dreamcolor 32.8FT LED Strip Lights RGBIC (Individually Addressable, lights on back wall) 🤍 📦 Buy GOVEE 32.8FT LED Strip Lights RGB (Not Individually Addressable, lights around our screen) 🤍 📦 Buy Maxonar LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa (Lights running down hand rail) 🤍 📦 Buy Sengled Smart RGB LED Light Bulbs Starter Kit (4-Pack, includes hub) 🤍 📦 Buy GOVEE 16.4FT RGB LED Strip Lights (lights in movie cabinet) 🤍 📦 Buy Amazon Smart Plugs (controls lights in movie cabinet, and component lights) 🤍 📦 Buy Treatlife Smart WiFi Switches (single-pole, 4-Pack) 🤍 📦 Aperion Audio Novus 6T Tower Speakers ► 🤍 📦 Aperion Audio Novus N5C Center Channel ► 🤍 📦 Aperion Audio Novus N5B Bookshelf Speakers ► 🤍 📦 Aperion Audio Bravus 12D Subwoofer ► 🤍 📦 Shop Aperion Audio Speakers on Amazon ► 🤍 📦 SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer ► 🤍 📦 SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Surround ► Sound System 🤍 📦 SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer ► 🤍 📦 SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer from SVS ► 🤍 📦 SVS Prime Speakers ► 🤍 📦 SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer ► 🤍 📦 Shop SVS Speakers on Amazon ► 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

How to Rip Blue Ray and DVD for free


In this quick tutorial i show you how to Rip Blue-Ray and DVD films for free to your PC so that you can upload them to your Android or iPad devices. Get MakeMKV from this link: 🤍 Get Handbrake from this link: 🤍 Get VLC Player from this link: 🤍

Ripping HD DVDs sucks... But here's how to do it! | HD DVD Ripping Tutorial


🔥 Cut your phone bill in half and get $25 off your next bill at 🤍 🔥 Today we're talking all about HD DVD ripping and the problems with it. It's easy, but not all discs will work. Download MakeMKV: 🤍 Download Handbrake: 🤍 Desktop HD DVD drive on Ebay (affiliate): 🤍 Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive on eBay (affiliate): 🤍 Optical laser/disc footage courtesy of Getty. Thanks for watching! - 📧 For marketing/business/sponsorship inquiries, email adam🤍eposvox.com 📬 Shipping: 303 E Court Ave # 459 Jeffersonville, IN 47131 💻 Discord Server: 🤍 📹 My streaming gear: 🤍 🔥 Support 🔥 ✈ Join for exclusive content & supporting my career: 🤍 (The best way to support me right now) 📈 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 ► Support by becoming a YouTube Channel Member: 🤍 💵 Direct Donation: 🤍 ► Support on DonorBox: 🤍 ► Support on Ko-fi: 🤍 🎤 Social Media 🎤 🎮 Second Channel: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🤍 🎭 Facebook: 🤍 📼 Twitch: 🤍 💻 Subreddit: 🤍 💾 Affiliate Links 💾 💻 NewEgg Affiliate Link: 🤍 - EposVox is a channel dedicated to making technology more accessible for anyone via product reviews, tutorials, guides, how-to videos and more! Any links to products or services may be affiliate links that give me a small kickback at no cost to you, with no influence on the content. #eposvox #streamprofessor #hddvd

4 Best CD Ripper Software for Windows 10/11 in 2023 [For FREE]


💿 Download Express Rip here: 🤍 You found a couple of good old CDs with some really good music on them. The next logical step is to store them on your PC so you can listen to this music whenever you like, but what to choose? Many CD Rippers around, and a lot of option paralysis. Well, don't worry - this video will show you 4 of the best CD Ripping software out there that will help you get the best out of your CDs! 4 Best CD Ripper Software for Windows 10/11 in 2022 [For FREE] - CD Ripping - Audio CD Ripping - Ripping Software Windows - Audio Rippers - CD Rippers ► Check articles with full guides: 🤍 ► Get Xilisoft CD Ripper here: 🤍 ► Download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum here: 🤍 ► Get FreeRIP here: 🤍 ▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 0:00 - Intro 0:14 - Express Rip 1:19 - Xilisoft CD Ripper 2:50 - WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 3:51 - FreeRIP ► STAY CONNECTED: 🤍 ► Got a different tech issue? Are you looking for a troubleshooting guide? Go to: 🤍 ► If you found this video useful, give us a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Rip a DVD with HandBrake in 2022 | Step-by-Step Handbrake Tutorial for Beginners


Here's a step-by-step tutorial about how to rip a DVD using HandBrake in 2022. I made this video because the most recent video I can find on this topic is 2 years ago. So here you go, a new video on ripping DVDs with the latest version of HandBrake(1.5.1). Download Links: -HandBrake: 🤍 -Libdvdcss: 🤍 -WinX DVD Ripper: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:27 - Step 1: Download HandBrake 00:39 - Step 2: Load the DVD into HandBrake 01:03 - Step 3: Choose the DVD title you want to rip 01:35 - Step 4: Set the quality 02:02 - Step 5: Choose your Audio and Subtitles 02:24 - Step 6: Pick the destination & Rip your DVD 02:50 - Fix "No valid source or title found" error 03:21 - DVD Ripper I used (alternative method to rip DVD) Thanks for watching, hope it will help :) #dvd #handbrake #howto #tutorial

How to convert DVD to MP4 in one click | Best Video Converter 2022


This software I've used can convert DVD to MP4 with original quality and custom quality options: 🤍 Halloween event 🤍 - the biggest discounted prices for lifetime license versions. ——————————————————————————————————————— For Business Enquires: Email me: stu.techtime🤍gmail.com FOLLOW ME ON Twitter 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK 🤍 ———————————————————————————————————————If Thanks for watching and subscribe if you want to see more of this content...... its free! AFFILIATED LINKS/ADVERTISING NOTICE- All links are Affiliated where possible. When you click on links to various merchants posted here and make a purchase, this can result in me earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network & Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to AMAZON Sites (including, but not limited to Amazon US/UK/DE/ES/FR/NL/IT/CAN)

How to Rip a DVD to your PC with VLC


Easily Rip convert DVD to your PC with VLC media player. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TUTORIALS ► 🤍 MORE VLC TIPS & TRICKS How to Merge Multiple Video Clips with VLC player ► 🤍 How To Cut Split Or Trim Videos In Vlc Media Player ► 🤍 How to Zoom Videos in VLC Media Player ► 🤍 Convert MKV to MP4 using VLC Media Player ► 🤍 Convert Video To Images With VLC ► 🤍 How To Hardcode Subtitles With Vlc Media Player ► 🤍 SHARE THIS VIDEO: ► 🤍 To rip a dvd to your pc with VLC media player go to media. Over here choose convert, save option. Go to the disk tab. Make sure that you choose dvd in this options. Maybe your cd rom will have a dvd inside so make sure that your dvd is selected. I have a sample dvd file for the purpose of this video tutorial. I’ll choose my sample folder. Now to convert it click convert, save. VlC will ask you to choose output format. I’ll go with standard mp4 format. And, of course, choose where you want to save your converted dvd file. This process will take some time, and after it’s finisghed, you can see your riped dvd. And this is it. This is how you Rip a DVD to your PC with VLC Media Player. Thanks for watching, drop some comments below if you find this helpful and have a nice day.

How To Get Winx DVD Ripper Platinum Full Version Free


Here is the download link for winx. 🤍 And here is the code. AA-ZSTSRWK-WLNUU1J Hope this help.

Building the ULTIMATE DVD RIPPING MACHINE for Plex! (Tutorial)


This is part 1 of 2 videos on ripping* and organizing a large DVD collection. Video Chapters: - Intro - 00:00 - Friend needs help - 01:30 - Making “The Beast” - 02:31 - Software: Ninite - 03:41 - Java and MakeMKV Explanation - 05:42 - Software: make-mkv-auto-rip - 08:31 - Software: Node.js - 09:35 - Software: MakeMKV - 10:10 - GitHub make-mkv-auto-rip - 10:39 - Software: Install-Node-Packages.bat - 11:08 - make-mkv-auto-rip config - 12:32 - Admin Workaround - 13:54 - MakeMKV setting - 17:42 - Software: Eventghost - 18:41 - Ripping - 25:35 - Wrap up - 26:52 Links: - Windows 10 Enterprise evaluation 🤍 - Ninite 🤍 - MakeMKV-auto-rip 🤍 - Node.js 🤍 - Eventghost 🤍 Part 2 covers the handling of the files that makemkv produces; renaming them for preparation to adding them to Plex. Music (in order): From 🤍 - “Oblivious” by Nihilore (🤍 From 🤍 -"Summer Swing 2018" by Sascha Ende (🤍) -"Lemon Mint" by Otis Galloway -"Bring U Everything" by Otis Galloway -"Faster Does It" by Kevin MacLeod (🤍) -"Godly" by Otis Galloway -"Afronaut" by Otis Galloway -"Cool Your Jets (fly Away)" by Otis Galloway -"Your Call" by Kevin MacLeod (🤍) Licenses: CC BY (🤍 *This tutorial is for educational purposes only. Excelsior Tech does not endorse piracy or breaking the laws of your country. Support the artists. Purchase your media.

How-To Rip DVD's with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


Sometimes a DVD is not practical and you need to convert to something more portable. So today we take a look at WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. You can check out the software at the link below: 🤍

[2023] VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper User Guide | BEGINNER'S TIPS | Blu-ray & DVD Related


This is a full & step-by-step user guide to show you how to use VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. 💡 Learn More: 🤍 📌 Timestamps below to guide you through this video: 0:00 Intro - VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper 0:27 The Main Interface of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper 1:04 Load DVD / Blu-ray 1:29 Select Output Type / Format 2:20 Select Audio Track / Subtitle 2:54 Start the DVD Ripping Process 3:18 More You can Do with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper 🙌 Why choose VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper? -Available to rip Blu-ray/DVD discs of all types -Boost the ripping process to be 6X faster -Support 300+ mainstream video/audio output formats -Original quality ensured.1080p and 4K supported 📍Download Link: VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper for Windows/Mac: 🤍 🔎 Explore more How to Convert DVD to Digital Free [4 Useful Ways] 🤍 Rip DVD to ISO on Windows 10/8 & Mac [4 Useful Ways] 🤍 How Can I Rip and Upload DVD to YouTube 🤍 Find VideoByte on Official Website for more tips: 🤍 🥰Follow VideoByte for more tips: 📌Subscribe Our Channel: 🤍 📘 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 📸 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 🎦 Follow us on Tiktok: 🤍 #VideoByte #dvd #ripper #userguide #beginners dvd ripper for pc blu ray ripping tutorial rip blu-ray to digital dvd to digital dvd ripper dvd ripper freeware

How to Convert a DVD to MP4 for FREE 2023


In this video, I will show you the best way to copy your DVD to your computer in MP4 format. Once converted, the saved file can be transferred to your iPhone, iPad or Android. SPONSOR: Copy DVD to MP4 in 2023 with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: 🤍 DVD DECRYPTER 🤍 HANDBRAKE (64 BIT) 🤍 HANDBRAKE (32 BIT) 🤍 Mac Version of Converting DVD to MP4 Tutorial 🤍

【2023】How to Copy Protected DVD Movies in Windows 10/11?| bypass dvd copy protection | DVD ripper


This is a step-by-step video tutorial about how to Copy Protected DVDs to the computer in 2 ways! 👉Learn more:🤍 2 efficient ways to Copy Protected DVD in Windows 10: 1. Copy DVD with VideoByte DVD Copy 2. Copy DVD with MakeMKV 📌 Timestamps below to guide you through this video: 0:00 Intro-How to Copy Protected DVD to computer? 0:10 What is the Protected DVD? 0:36 How to Copy Protected DVD with VideoByte DVD Copy 1:44 How to Copy Protected DVD with MakeMKV 🙌What is the Protected DVD? Most commercial DVD discs are not abe to be copied and played on a computer freely due to the "DVD Copy Protection" technology. A copy-protected DVD type of optical disc that implements some protection mechanism into the coding way of the DVD contents. So it is difficult to copy protected DVDs freely. 🙌Why choose VideoByte DVD Copy? 1. Copy DVD with Different Mode: Full Movie, Main Movie, and Custom. Full Movie will copy the whole DVD, Main Movie can perform movie-only backup and Custom allows you to choose which parts of the DVD to copy. 2. Decrypt Protected DVD Disc To copy the protected DVD disc, this program comes with the ability to remove the CSS protection and region codes that are applied to the DVD disc. 3. Build in A DVD Player A built-in DVD player allows you to preview the content of each chapter before you start the DVD copy process to avoid setup errors. 4. Save Time with Fast Speed For copying DVD to DVD, the writing speed can be set to "×2.0 - Recommended" or "Max". It spends less time on copy tasks compared with other programs. 📍Download Link: VideoByte DVD Copy for Windows/Mac: 🤍 🔎 Explore more: How to Copy DVD to External Hard Drive on Windows/Mac (Not Rip) 🤍 3 Best Ways to Remove DVD Copy Protection Easily 🤍 6 Best Ways to Convert DVD to MP4 🤍 Find VideoByte on Official Website for more tips:🤍 🥰Follow VideoByte for more tips: 📌Subscribe Our Channel: 🤍 📘 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 📸 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 🎦 Follow us on Tiktok: 🤍 #VideoByte #copydvd #windows This video is about: dvd copy protection removal copy protected DVD copy protected dvd to computer bypass dvd copy protection how to copy protected dvd movies dvd ripper

WARNING About WINX DVD Ripper Platinum


I normally don’t do videos about software however I discovered a problem with the program WINX DVD Ripper Platinum that most people are not aware of. I contacted the software developer and they didn’t want to take any responsibility. I believe they are also not aware of this problem but they are not willing to look into it which leads me to this video. (Sorry to interrupt but since posting the video in 2020 many have asked me for an alternative DVD ripper that can rip to 5.1 and do a great job. I personally use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro which is a fantastic alternative. You can find it here: 🤍 (this is an affiliate link and I do earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.) In the video I will show you how the program does not properly rip surround sound leaving with you a false 6 channel soundtrack that is actually just a 2 channel stereo track. Sure in the properties of the file it will say 6 channels but when I import it into both Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve it clearly shows this is not true. Most people will rip their DVD’s, most likely for the purpose of viewing their movies through a media server, and think that the 5.1 surround sound was also ripped. They will trust program and never do what I did which was to import it into a video editor and view the channels. It is important that you too do what I did to see if you receive the same problem. If yes, then contact the software company to let them know. The more users who do so will force the company to take this issue seriously and fix it. DVD RIPPER I USE (WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro) 🤍 MERCH BY MIKE 🤍 🤍 🤍 FOLLOW MIKE: Instagram 🤍 Twitter = 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Production Studio 🤍

How To Use WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (Tutorial)


Unlock savings now & save 15% discount on BorisFX! 🤍 - Welcome back everyone! Today I will be showing you how to use WinX DVD Ripper Platinum! If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to SMASH that like button below as well! Stick around for more content! Check out the 13th anniversary giveaway! • 🤍 Check out more videos! • My latest video: 🤍 • Today's mystery video: 🤍 • Join my Discord: 🤍 • Become a Sponsor: 🤍 • Subscribe for more: 🤍 • Support me on Patreon: 🤍 • Get your amazing video effects here: 🤍 • Buy VEGAS Pro 16 here: 🤍 Follow me! • Facebook: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Twitch: 🤍 Check these playlists! • VEGAS Pro Tutorials: 🤍 • After Effects CC 2017: 🤍 • OBS Tutorials: 🤍 • Alex Thoughts: 🤍 • YouTube Tips & Tricks: 🤍 • Adobe Premiere Pro CC: 🤍 • Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorials: 🤍 • Audacity Tutorials: 🤍 Intro song: Kid Kasino & Dutty Moonshine - Everybody 🤍 Background song: Barren Gates & BEAUZ - Tomorrow (feat. Harley Bird) [NCS Release] 🤍 Outro song: Ooyy - You X You 🤍 #TeamJustAlexHalford #WinX #DVD #Ripper Copyright © JustAlexHalford 2012 - 2019

Best DVD ripper for Windows 10/11 - WinX DVD Ripper Review


#review #winx #sponsored * Free download licensed WinX DVD Ripper: 🤍 * or play DVD with the best free DVD player for Windows 11/10: 🤍 WinX DVD Ripper assists you to convert any old/new DVD discs to digital formats with high quality reserved. Store DVD on NAS/USB, add DVD to Plex Media Server, play DVD on PC, TV, mobile, game consoles etc. Your Affiliate Link 🤍 Did you see this in your sub box? Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe! Donate to my Patreon! More Videos, more power! 🤍 ➤IMPORTANT: Don't forget to click the "bell" next to the subscribe button and select "Send me all notifications for this channel". Otherwise, you may not receive a notification when I upload it. Twitch 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Become a Patreon! 🤍 New Videos every week! Games: 🤍 Vlogs: 🤍 Effects: 🤍 Shorts! 🤍

How to RIP 4K Blu Ray and 3D Blu Ray Discs for Zappiti and PLEX | Ripping Tutorial


Get a drive from Alex...Alex's Email - alexcoluzzi32🤍gmail.com - How to RIP 4K Blu Ray and 3D Blu Ray discs for your personal Movie server. DVDFab Software - 🤍 MakeMKV - 🤍 Seagate Drives - 🤍 00:00 - Start/Intro 00:33 - Purpose of Ripping 01:06 - Patreon Shoutouts 01:35 - Recommended Ripping Profiles 06:51 - What you need to Rip 09:28 - 4K UHD M2TS Ripping DVDFab 10:40 - Subtitles 11:48 - 1080p Blu Ray Ripping DVDFab 12:45 - 3D Blu Ray Ripping DVDFab 13:28 - 4K UHD BDMV Rip MakeMKV 14:50 - File Verify 3D MKV Rip 15:46 - File Verify BDMV Dolby Vision 16:43 - File Verify BDMV Zappiti 17:48 - Atmos Verify Zappiti BDMV 18:04 - DTS:X Verify Zappiti ISO 18:29 - IMAX Enhanced Veriufy Zappiti M2TS 19:01 - Auro-3D Verify Zappiti M2TS 19:42 - Final Thoughts Discounted Denon AVRs - 🤍 Discounted Marantz AVRs - 🤍 Recommended HDMI 2.1 (8K) Cables - 🤍 Become a Patron!! 🤍 Check out the cool shirts at INTO THE AM: 🤍 Rent 4K Blu Rays at 4K Blu Ray 4U: 🤍 2020 4K TVs: Samsung Q90T *ON SALE NOW* - 🤍 LG CX OLED - 🤍 Sony A8H OLED - 🤍 Samsung Q80T - 🤍 Sony X950H - 🤍 Samsung Q70T - 🤍 Lustre Links: Best 4K TVs by Budget - 🤍 Best A/V Receivers by Budget - 🤍 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones - 🤍 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers - 🤍 Best Gaming Headsets - 🤍 Best Computer Monitors - 🤍 Try the Lustre Chrome browser extension for free - 🤍 My favorite subwoofers: 🤍 2020 Denon AVRs - 🤍 2020 Marantz AVRs - 🤍 Monoprice subwoofers: 🤍 7-Channel AVRs: 🤍 9-Channel AVRs: 🤍 4K HDMI Cables: 🤍 Budget Range 4K TVs: 🤍 Mid-Range 4K TVs: 🤍 Premium 4K TVs: 🤍 OLED 4K TVs: 🤍 Sony 4K TVs: 🤍 B&O Headphones: 🤍 Recommended Soundbars: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out my recommended products on Amazon: 🤍 Equipment used to film & edit: Panasonic GH5: 🤍 Panasonic 12-35 mm f2.8 lens: 🤍 Panasonic 42.5 mm f1.7 lens: 🤍 Sachtler Flowtech 75 Tripod Legs: 🤍 Manfrotto 504HD Video Head: 🤍 Edelkrone SliderOne V2: 🤍 Edelkrone SliderPlus: 🤍 Edelkrone HeadOne: 🤍 Edelkrone DollyOne: 🤍 Edelkrone FlexTILT Head 2: 🤍 Atamos Ninja Inferno 7" HDR Monitor: 🤍 Portkeys BM5 Monitor: 🤍 Tilta Nucleus Nano: 🤍 Godox LED Video Light: 🤍 Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic: 🤍 Rode Procaster: 🤍 Rodecaster Pro:🤍 Zoom H6 Handy Recorder: 🤍 MacBook Pro - 🤍 iPad - 🤍 Mac Mini - 🤍 iMac - 🤍 Thank you for watching! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Techno Dad Audio Demo Tracks - Tidal: 🤍 Techno Dad Audio Demo Tracks - Spotify: 🤍

Ripping your DVDs to Plex with WinX DVD Ripper in 2023


Free download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to rip DVD to Plex MP4 here: 🤍 Note: WinX DVD Ripper also allows you to load ISO image and Video_TS folder and convert them to Plex compatible formats. Try it now: 🤍 Find our podcast here 🤍 Want to support the channel ??? Here's what you can do ! Subscribe like and comment! And if you want take it to the next level Always looking to add movies to the collection here's my Amazon wish list ! Anything sent will be featured in a video ! 🙏 🤍 And follow Robert 🤍 Find my review page Store and other soicals here 🤍 Want to join Disney movie club use this link it gives us both extras ! 🤍 buy cheap movies here : 🤍 Support me on my store ⏫ Hit the link Press Mercari store ! Amozon wish list 🤍 and tictok 🤍 Follow my friends 📀💯 Instagram - 🤍 Thx for the support

Rip A DVD Quickly And Easily For Free - Free DVD Ripper


We're now on Discord! Chat with us now: 🤍 For more free software, check the following massive list: 🤍

Ripping and Converting DVDs using WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Tutorial


Today is a short tutorial on how to use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to rip and convert your DVDs for your own personal use. See link section for more program details. - *Links For the Video* 🤍 - Stay Connected With Our Videos Discord: 🤍 Become a Member: 🤍 Project Phoenix Media: 🤍 Merch Store: 🤍 Follow Us On Twitter: 🤍 Needs a VPN? We recommend Private Internet Access (PIA): 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 MoNeYINPHX PC Specs: 🤍 - Versatile Related Stuff: Blog: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 - Tutorial request form: 🤍 vstPower Steam Group: 🤍 Issues with video content? Email us instead of doing a YouTube takedown. dmca [at] projectphoenix.media Copyright © 2019 Project Phoenix Media LLC - All Rights Reserved

How To Rip DVDs To MP4 Using Linux And Handbrake


This video shows you how to copy videos from DVDs to MP4 format so that you can store them on an external hard drive or a NAS drive

How to Rip DVD with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum [OFFICIAL INTRO]


Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum here: 🤍 WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is your ultimate solution to rip any DVDs simply with 3 mouse clicks. It allows users to backup and rip DVD to MP4 and all mainstream formats and devices with best balance in speed, quality and size. Compatible with the latest Windows and Mac system, you can download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to have a free trial. Key Features of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: - Rip DVD to MP4 (HEVC/H.264), MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, iPhone, iPad, Android, HDTV, Xbox, PS4 etc. - Accept all kinds of DVDs, regardless of new, old classic, 99-title, regional, scratched or non-standard burned DVDs. - Backup DVD discs to ISO image, Video_TS folder, MEPG2 with main or full titles without losing quality. - Rip a full DVD to MP4 (H.264) in 5 mins at 300-500fps with Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU, AMD, Multi-core CPU & Hyper-Threading tech suppot. - Add subtitles, cut video & remove black bars and flexible settings to adjust codec, resolution, frame rate, bitrate, etc. Have a question about WinX DVD Ripper Platinum? Check out these resources: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum User Guide: 🤍 WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Tech FAQ: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe and download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to have a try: 🤍

📀 Sauvegardez vos DVD en fichiers facilement ! WinX DVD Ripper


WinX DVD Ripper : 🤍 Extraire ses DVD pour les sauvegarder en fichier permet de conserver les films auxquels vous tenez. Vous pourrez ainsi les préserver du temps qui passe et même les emporter avec vous facilement. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum est un logiciel aussi facile que complet qui réalise parfaitement l'extraction des pistes que vous voudrez conserver, et il permet même de personnaliser les paramètres visuels et/ou techniques. - Publications et contact : 🔗 Site : 🤍 📷 Instagram : 🤍 ▶️ Chaîne YouTube : 🤍 ▶️ Chaîne YouTube secondaire : 🤍 📐 Sketchfab : 🤍 📧 Contact : sitetechno.fr🤍gmail.com - Sommaire : 0:00 : Pourquoi extraire ses DVD ? 0:25 : Cadre légal de la copie privée 0:36 : Insertion et reconnaissance du DVD 1:41 : Les formats d'extraction disponibles 3:10 : Choix d'un format d'extraction 3:27 : Personnalisation des paramètres d'extraction 4:40 : Personnalisation des paramètres techniques 5:17 : Processus de conversion 5:54 : Extraction en Haute qualité 6:38 : Conclusion - Musique libre de droits : "Shane Ivers - Hard Sell Hotel" is under a Creative Commons (CC-BY 3.0) license. 🤍 Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: 🤍 🏍️ Royalty Free Aggressive Rock Music (For Videos) - "Hard Sell Hotel" by Shane Ivers 🇬🇧 🤍 - Illustration libre de droits : Vidéo de Gifing.com sur Pexels: 🤍 Vidéo de cottonbro studio sur Pexels: 🤍

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