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Typical Reinforcement in a Concrete Beam


Hi guys, this is Structures Explained, and in this video we are going to discuss about typical reinforcement detail in a concrete beam. Reinforcement are essential part of a concrete beam. It resists tension forces, increase the compression capacity, enhance ductility and reduce long-term deflections in the concrete. Additionally, reinforcement prevent cracking of concrete due to shear stresses, shrinkage and temperature stresses. First we will see the reinforcement distribution in a single span beam and later we will have a look at multi span or continuous beams. Types to reinforcement covered in this video are: Bottom bars, Top bars, Side bars and Stirrups. More such videos on reinforcement will follow on this channel, so do subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified every time we upload a new video. Also check out other related uploads on the channel. Shear: 🤍 Torsion: 🤍 FOLLOW US ON Facebook 👇 🤍 Instagram 👇 🤍 LinkedIn 👇 🤍

How to place REBAR in COLUMNS, BEAM & SLAB 2021


Where do you put rebar in concrete? When you're joining two concrete slabs, connect the two with rebar to keep them at the same height. Drill the holes as deep as you can (the entire length of the bit) so the rebar fits snugly into the holes. Insert chunks of rebar and tie them into the grid Where should rebar be placed in a beam? At the lower part of the beam, the first rebars to place are the corner bars 1, then the internal bars 2 followed by one bar 3 or if it is necessary by a second bar 3. At the upper part of the beam, the same things apply as well How far apart should rebar be in a slab? approximately 12 inches Place rebar in a grid pattern with a spacing between bars of approximately 12 inches. In either case, blocks should be used under the reinforcement to keep centered within the concrete.

Reinforsing a Beam with Rebar in Revit Tutorial


Complete Revit Courses: 🤍 Project files: 🤍 Subscribe for more! Please Like this Tutorial! In this tutorial I show you how to model reinforcement in Revit. I show how to model rebar and place rebar cover. Revit Shortcuts: GR - Grid RE - Scale EL - Elevation VR - View Range CL - Structural Column MM - Mirror (pick axis) DM - Mirror (draw axis) UN - Project Units WA - Wall CS - Create Similar RP - Reference Plane Al - Align SL - Split Element OF - Offset TR - Trim/Extend AR - Array CO - Copy TX - Text LI - Model Lines DL - Detail LInes RR - Render RY - Ray Trace GD - Graphic Display Options TL - Thin Lines GP - Group LG - Project form Group Additional Tags: steel, rebar, cover, rebar cover, structure, connection, detail, family, Structural, Beam, Column, Beam System, Light, family, family editor, street light, Revit, Architecture, House, Reference Plane, Detail Line, Floor,, BIM, Building Information Modeling. Building, Roof, Roof by element, Roof by extrusion, How to model a roof in revit, Revit City, Revit 2018, Revit Turorials, Revit 2017, Revit Autodesk, Revit Architecture 2017, Revit Array, Render, AutoCAD, How to model in Revit, learn Revit, Revit Biginner tutorial, Revit tutorial for Beginner, Revit MEP, Revit Structure

Reinforced concrete Beam Rebar Detailing | 3d animation of Rc beam | Greyspace


Reinforced Concrete Beams are designed to transfer the loads on slab, secondary beams and walls to the columns supporting them. Continuous Beam reinforcement details and a simple 3D construction animation is shown in our presentation. Connect with us: Website: 🤍 Call / WhatsApp India : +91 95660 92239 : +91 88707 59644 * Call / WhatsApp Netherlands : +31 - 687874373 * Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 * Time Stamps 00:00 Greyspace Intro 00:10 Reinforced Continuous Beams 00:18 Continuous Beam Construction Animation 03:22 Continuous Beam reinforcement details * #beamreinforcement #rebarplacement #rebardetailing *

5 Important Rules of Beam Design Details | RCC Beam | Green House Construction


Welcome back to Green House Construction! the Channel: Nha Xanh E&C Channel had already lost. This channel shall be replaced Nha Xanh E&C Channel instead. Please follows me "SUBSCRIBE" this channel. 5 important rules of beam design details for your information. there are two options of beam design bar. which one is better ? leave your comment below. Follows and Join with us by " SUBSCRIBE" our channel Thank and enjoy your watching! ✔ Website: 🤍 Hotline: 0974 665 955 Fanpage: 🤍

Beam Rebar Pattern System of ProtaStructure 2022


ProtaStructure 2022 has a new and flexible beam rebar pattern system which allows you to quickly define different rebar pattern systems for different types of beams in your model. In this video, all the features of the new rebar pattern system is summarized. #beam #structuralengineering #rebar From one central model easily compare different schemes and automate your steel and concrete design, reducing design time and increasing project profitability. Try now! 🤍

cantilever beam rebars | Cantilever beam reinforcement details | construction animation


Cantilever beam from column – Reinforcements and Construction animation is presented here. The cantilever beam is a fixed structural element that is supported in one end and free at another end. Main reinforcements are provided at the top of the beam which resists the bending moment on that beam. Application of cantilever beams are in balcony, porch, stadium, bridges etc. Connect with us: Website: 🤍 Call / WhatsApp India : +91 95660 92239 : +91 88707 59644 * Call / WhatsApp Netherlands : +31 - 687874373 * Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 #cantileverbeam #rebar #Reinforcement #projects

Reinforcement Arrangement of Beam | Reinforcement Details of Beam | Reinforcement detailing of beam


Here you can see the general detailing of reinforcement of a beam or reinforcement arrangement, as a RCC student or a fresher onto a site you need to read and understand the reinforcement arrangement of any structural member, here i have taken simple arrangement of a simply supported beam which is prepared for academic purpose, i have explained which are main bars, bent up bars, hanger bars and stirrups, i have also shown how the section looks through mid span and at the support. Go through the comple video and have a general idea of reinforcement of a beam. My Phone : 🤍 Amazon Basics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag : 🤍 Laptop : 🤍 Reinforced Concrete Design by B.C.Punmia : 🤍 Concrete Technology by Santhakumar : 🤍 Concrete Technology by M.S.Shetty : 🤍 This video is done at Material Testing Lab of KLS Shri Vasantrao Potdar Polytechnic, Special thanks to Prof. Pradeep Kulkarni for video shoot. If you have any queries regarding RCC you can write in the comment section and also let me know which other videos will help you academically as well as practically. #reinforcementofbeam #rccbeam #detailingofbeam

Understanding the beam design reinforcement | continuous beam rebar details | 3D


The reinforcement process, the design requirements must be determined. This includes the load-bearing capacity of the beam, its dimensions, and the spacing of the reinforcement bars. The reinforcement layout is prepared based on the design requirements. This includes the number, size, and spacing of the reinforcement bars to be used. The reinforcement bars are then placed on the formwork in the desired position and secured using binding wire or clips. Once the reinforcement is in place, concrete is poured into the formwork, and the beam is allowed to cure. We do 3D & 2D rebar detailing and will deliver good quality rebar shop/placing drawings, material takeoff and bar bending schedules (BBS) at fair pricing. Connect with us for your enquires/questions 🤍 Call / WhatsApp India : +91 95660 92239 : +91 88707 59644 * Call / WhatsApp Netherlands : +31 - 687874373 * Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 email id : netherlands🤍 * #beamreinforcement #concretebeam #construction #Reinforcement #shorts

Overhanging Beam rebar details 3D animation #shorts


Concrete Overhanging Beam reinforcement detail is presented in this 3D animation. Connect with us for your enquires/questions 🤍 Call / WhatsApp India : +91 95660 92239 : +91 88707 59644 * Call / WhatsApp Netherlands : +31 - 687874373 * Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 email id : netherlands🤍 * #Beamreinforcement #rebardetailing #RCC #Reinforcement #building

Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement #shorts


Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement

Revit structure _ How to detail rebar on a continuous beam in Revit


In this Revit structure lesson, we will model 3d Rebar. After modeling, we will use tags to detail rebar in revit structure on the continious beam. You will learn the easiest way to detail your continious beams in Revit structure. In this lesson, we will do detailing according to BS/Eurocode but you can use the code of your choice in Revit structure. Revit structure for renforcement detailing supports all codes in terms of detailing. Please subscribe to this channel and make sure to like the video. - Learn more Here.... Revit Structure-Modeling and detailing of steel structures 🤍 Revit Architecture- Start to finish with real projects 🤍 Robot structural Analysis full steel design step by step 🤍 Additional tags how to detail rebar on a continuous beam in revit,revit structure,structural engineering,reinforcement,rebar detailing,revit truss,revit steel structure,revit reinforced concrete,revit structure,revit structure reinforcement,revit estructural,revit structure shop drawings,revit rcc structure tutorial,revit structure full project,revit structure model,revit structure tutorials,day 01: revit structure: complete bim course , create raft , structural column | framing |,revit reinforcement concrete detailing,revit structure learning,structural tutorial in revit

E6: Beam Rebar Cutting List with Splicing (Lapping Length, Lapping Zone)


Sa Episode na ito, gagawa tayo ng rebar cutting list para sa suspended slab ng 4 storey building. E discuss natin dito ang Lapping Zone, Lapping length, Staggered lapping. Ito ung link para sa mga plano from DPWH na pwedeng e download at pag aralan ng mga estudyante ng Civil Engineering at sa mga Civil Engineer na kaka graduate lang at nag hahanap ng work. 🤍

Beam Rebar Shop Drawing in Revit Structure


✅‼ Get access to hundreds of High-Quality Enscape Assets 🤍 🔥Want to support me and this Tutorial: 🤍 ❤ Get Access to all of the exercise files and many other benefits on our Patreon OR If you want to support us 🤍 👍 Subscribe for more Revit tutorials like this 🟣In this video I will show you how to model all of the rebars that are common for a beam in #revit and also I will show you some ways to boost the process 🟢Let's Connect Instagram: 🤍 Linkedin:🤍 Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 TABLE OF CONTENT - ✅Useful Links : 🟣Q & A Group 🤍 🟣Rebar Schedule in Revit - Automatic and Manual 🤍 🟣Free Form Rebar in Revit 🤍 🔰Contact us at tatbim91🤍 for all kinds of BIM services and private classes and for sponsoring - ❤ Get Access to all of the exercise files and many other benefits on our Patreon OR If you want to support us 🤍 - 🤩Join the channel for extra features 🤍 📽️Edited By : 🤍

Cantilever Beam များ သံဆင်ခြင်း အမှား/အမှန်|| Rebar Details


ဒီဗီဒီယိုတွင် Cantilever Beam များ သံဆင်တဲ့အခါ လွှဲမှားနေတဲ့အချက်များကို စုစည်းဖော်ပြထားပါတယ်။ မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာဆိုင်ရာနည်းပညာဗဟုသုတများကို အမြဲမပြတ် ကြည့်ရှု လေ့လာနိုင်ဖို့ ကျွန်တော့် Channel ကို Subscribe လုပ်ထားပေးပါ။ ဘေးနားက ခေါင်းလောင်းကိုလည်း နှိပ်ထားပေးပါ။ အားလုံး‌ကို ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ် 🤍 ဘိလပ်မြေအရည်အသွေး စမ်းသပ်စစ်ဆေးခြင်း 🤍 ဖောင်ဒီးရှင်းမြေကြီးခံနိုင်ရည် တိုးမြှင့်ခြင်း 🤍 ပန်းရံသုံး သဲအရည်အသွေး စမ်းသပ်စစ်ဆေးခြင်း 🤍 ပူပြင်းသော ရာသီဥတုတွင် ကွန်ကရစ်လောင်းခြင်း 🤍 မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာတိုင်း မဖြစ်မနေ သိရှိရမည့် အချက်များ 🤍 ကွန်ကရစ် Segregation ဖြစ်ခြင်းကို ဘယ်လို ကာကွယ်မလဲ ကွန်ကရစ်ပျက်စီးမှုမှ ကာကွယ်ခြင်း 🤍 Column kicker ဆိုတာ ဘာလဲ 🤍 Lap length and Development Length 🤍 အဆောက်အဦများ ငလျင်ဒဏ်ခံနိုင်ရန်ပြင်ဆင်ခြင်း 🤍 Column တိုင်များ သံဆင်ခြင်း အမှား/အမှန် 🤍 မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာတိုင်း သိရှိရမည့်အချက်များ အပိုင်း(၂) 🤍 Slab Formwork ပြိုကျခြင်း 🤍 RC Slab နှင့် Beam ‌တို့မှာအသုံးပြုတဲ့ Crank Bar ဆိုတာဘာလဲ၊ ဘာကြောင့်သုံးရသလဲ 🤍 What if Mat Foundation 🤍 Concrete Beam အရွယ်အစားတွက်ထုတ်ခြင်း 🤍 တောင်ပေါ်လမ်းများ တည်ဆောက်ခြင်းအကြောင်း 🤍 Steel Deck Sheet များ အသုံးပြုခြင်းအကြောင်း 🤍 အဆောက်အဦများ အက်ကွဲခြင်းနှင့် ပြုပြင်ခြင်း 🤍 ရေကန်အရွယ်အစား သတ်မှတ်ခြင်း 🤍 ကွန်ကရစ်လမ်းတွေမှာ Dowel Bar အသုံးပြုခြင်း 🤍 ကတ္တရာလမ်းနှင့် ကွန်ကရစ်လမ်း ခြားနားချက်များ 🤍 အုတ်မြစ်အနက် ဘယ်လောက်ထားရမလဲ Footing Depth? 🤍 Column သံဆင်ခြင်းအမှား/အမှန် 🤍 Steel Truss Roof အသုံးပြုရခြင်း အကျိုးကျေးဇူးများ 🤍 အုတ်ရေကန်များ၏ ခံနိုင်ရည်ကို တွက်ထုတ်ခြင်း 🤍 သံချောင်း လိုအပ်ချက်ကို တွက်ချက်ခြင်း 🤍 အဆောက်အအုံ အုတ်မြစ်များ၊ ရေကန်များကို ကတ္တရာစေးသုတ်ခြင်း 🤍 မြေအုတ်နှင့် ဘိလပ်မြေအုတ် ဘယ်ဟာကို ရွေးချယ်အသုံးပြုသင့်သလဲ 🤍 မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာတိုင်းသိထားရမည့်အချက်များ၊ အပိုင်း(၃) 🤍 Buckling ဆိုတာ ဘာလဲ Column တိုင်များပျက်စီးခြင်း 🤍 Shear Connector များ အသုံးပြုရာတွင် သိလိုက်နာရမည့် နည်းပညာဆိုင်ရာ သတ်မှတ်ချက်များ 🤍 Google Earth Pro အသုံးပြုနည်း အပိုင်း(၁) 🤍 Google Earth Pro အသုံးပြုနည်း အပိုင်း(၂) 🤍 မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာတိုင်းသိထားရမည့်အချက်များ၊ အပိုင်း(၄) 🤍 Floating Column ဆိုတာဘာလဲ၊ ဒီဇိုင်းယူဆချက်နှင့် ကောင်းကျိုးဆိုးကျိုးများ 🤍 Effective Span Vs Clear Span 🤍 ခေတ်မီဆန်းရှိတ်ဒီဇီုင်းများစုစည်းမှု| Modern Sunshade Designs 🤍 R.C Beam များ ဒီဇီုင်းလုပ် တည်ဆောက်ရာမှာ အရေးကြီးတဲ့ အချက်(၅)ချက် 🤍 One Way Slab Vs Two Slab ခြားနားချက်များ| ကွန်ကရစ်ကြမ်းခင်းများ 🤍 ကွန်ကရစ် ကြမ်းခင်းများ သံဆင်ခြင်း| One way and Two way Slab Reinforcement Detail 🤍 ကွန်ကရစ် ကြမ်းခင်းအမျိုးအစားများ| Type of Concrete Slabs 🤍 Google map ဖြင့် Auto Cad မှာ scale အတိအကျဖြင့် Site Plan ပုံများ ရေးဆွဲခြင်း 🤍 အုတ်မြစ် ဒီဇိုင်း တွက်ချက်ခြင်း အဆင့်ဆင့်|| Square Footing Design 🤍 Auto Level ဖြင့် အကွာအဝေးတိုင်းတာခြင်း|| Distance by Auto Level 🤍 Home Design|| အိမ်ပုံစံ ဒီဇိုင်းများ|| (22x36)House Design 🤍 Concrete လုပ်ငန်းများအတွက် ဘိလပ်မြေ သဲ ကျောက်စရစ် လိုအပ်ချက် တွက်ချက်နည် 🤍 အုတ်စီလုပ်ငန်းများအတွက် အုတ် သဲ ဘိလပ်မြ လိုအပ်ချက် တွက်နည်း 🤍 18'×45' အိမ်ဒီဇိုင်း|| Home Design 🤍 သက်တမ်းနု ကွန်ကရစ် အက်ကြောင်းများ|| Type of Concrete Cracks 🤍 Cantilever Beam ဆိုတာ ဘာလဲ|| What is Cantilever Beam 🤍 အဆောက်အဦ အုတ်မြစ်ပျက်စီးခြင်း|| Foundation Failure 🤍 Construction Techniques Part 3 || တည်ဆောက်ရေးနည်းပညာများ အပိုင်း(၃) 🤍 #HTPCivilEngineering #နည်းပညာများ #civilengineering #cantileverbeam #တည်ဆောက်ရေး #construction #civilengineeringknowledge #basicengineering #မြို့ပြအင်ဂျင်နီယာ #civilengineering #structuraldesign #structuralengineering #ထန်ပီး #ThangPi

New Free Feature - Revit Addin Beam Rebar


Coming soon...

Tips for Beam Rebar Input


TRB2015 V2.6510.0.1688 Release

Beam Rebar Detailing | How ALLTO PythonParts enables beam reinforcement in the shortest time


Reinforcement are essential part of a concrete beam. It resists tension forces, increase the compression capacity, enhance ductility and reduce long-term deflections in the concrete. Additionally, reinforcement prevent cracking of concrete due to shear stresses, shrinkage and temperature stresses. #ALLPLAN Python Part for #beam #reinforcement makes it efficient to model main rebars, top/bottom rebar, stirrup rebars and create sections, labeling… a task that structural engineers have to spend a lot of time on if they’re stuck doing it manually. Developing ALLPLAN PYTHONPARTS to manage the workflow of engineers which we believe will help them complete their tasks much easier, faster and reduce errors. - 🌐: 📩: sales🤍 🧑🏽‍💻: support🤍

Falling beams | Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement#shorts


Falling beams | Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement

Sunken Slab rebar | Inverted beam reinforcement details | 3d animation of Rc beams


Sunken Slab with Inverted beams at its end – Reinforcements and Construction animation are presented here. Slabs constructed at certain depth below floor level is called as Sunken slab. At bathroom/toilet areas, sunken slab is usually provided, where the wastewater draining lines are casted. The Inverted beams are often used in sunken portions, example at porch area, the beams are inverted so that bottom of slab can be a plain surface. The inverted beams are reinforced concrete beams, which the bottom of slab & beam remains in same elevation level. Connect with us: Website: 🤍 Call / WhatsApp India : +91 95660 92239 : +91 88707 59644 * Call / WhatsApp Netherlands : +31 - 687874373 * Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 * #rebar #Reinforcement #slab #beam *

Falling beams | Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement#shorts


Falling beams | Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement

Plinth beam rebar


#shorts #howtoengineering #techinques #construction #amazing #concrete #masonry #painting #steel #slab #beam #column #wall #satified Welcome to #howtoengineering Channel. I created this channel for sharing useful tips and skill for everyone. Thank you for coming here. Please subscribe for more creative video ideas. Lastest upload: 🤍 🤍 Thanks you for watching !

Falling beams | Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement#shorts


Falling beams | Beams rebar | Beams reinforcement

How to make a concrete beam from cement and rebar | ceiling beam


The workshop for construction industry beams using cement and rebar. Today, we will go to one of the construction beam workshops and closely observe how it is made. The beam is used for the roof of houses and is made of cement, water, sand and rebar. #beam #cement #ceiling #rebar #metal #construction #workshop #handicraft #howmade To buy and order our products, please send an email to the following address: Howmade2022🤍

Reinforced concrete column Rebar Detailing and 3d animation #shorts


Reinforced Cement Concrete Column is a vertical structural member which transfers loads from beams and slabs to the foundation. full video : 🤍 Connect with us: Website: 🤍 Call / WhatsApp India : +91 95660 92239 : +91 88707 59644 * Call / WhatsApp Netherlands : +31 - 687874373 * Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 #Reinforcement #rebar #shorts

How to reinforcement detailing in beam | Overhanging Beam rebar details | 3D Animation


Concrete Overhanging Beam reinforcement detail is presented in this 3D animation. Beam which extends beyond the support is known as overhanging beam. Maximum bending moment is positive between supports and negative in overhanging portion, so the reinforcements to be provided appropriately. We do 3D & 2D rebar detailing and will deliver good quality rebar shop/placing drawings, material takeoff and bar bending schedules (BBS). Connect with us for your enquires/questions 🤍 Call / WhatsApp India : +91 95660 92239 : +91 88707 59644 * Call / WhatsApp Netherlands : +31 - 687874373 * Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 email id : netherlands🤍 * #rebardetailing #RCC #Reinforcement #building

falling beams|beams rebar|beams reinforcement #salb #beme #steel work#short #viral #stairs


falling beams|beams rebar|beams reinforcement #beme#steel #salb #beme #steel work#short #viral #stairs

RCC Building Construction Process | Footing | Column | Beam | Stair | Slab | Hidden Beam | Rebar


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02.Draw beam rebar in revit


Learn how to draw the reinforcement bar in the program Revit 2020. Welcome to enjoy my YouTube Channel and I am so happy that have been show some video for more knowledge to everyone. I will upload more video for sharing new everything. Please enjoy it, thanks you! YouTube : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍

How to place Structural Rebar for Column, Beam and Foundation using Revit with 3d Presentation


On this tutorial will show you how to make 3d presentation in rebar, creating color coding and proper placement of rebar, techniques how to make this detail works will show you during this tutorial. Revit Tutorial How to Create New Model for Beginners Grid and Walls 🤍 HOW TO PLACE AND EDIT REBARS FOR WALL AND WALL FOUNDATION IN REVIT 🤍 HOW TO CREATE STRUCTURAL COLUMN, BEAM AND FOUNDATION USING REVIT 🤍

How to read REBAR drawings, schedules and codes.


What are REBAR SCHEDULES and CODES? How to read REBAR DRAWINGs in construction? How to check beam, column and slab reinforcement? In today's video you will see few steel reinforcement - rebar drawings and you will see how to read them and how to take and check most important information from the design. You will also know how to check the rebar area to be able to solve some most common issues on site. JOIN the best engineering community 👍👍👍 SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! 👍👍👍 leave the THUMBS UP!!! Follow the LinkedIn page 😁 LinkedIn: 🤍 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️ EVERY GOOD CIVIL SITE ENGINEER MUST HAVE - watch the VID👇 🤍 - items I use and recommend 😁 SAFETY BOOTS-choose your size ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 TAPE MEASURE ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 TAPE HOLDER ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 CALCULATOR - sometimes you can also find them in Supermarkets half price 😁⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 DRAWING FOLDER ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 NOTEBOOK - get whatever really to take some notes 😁⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 PENCIL - 0.7mm - good price, but for this colour 😁⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 PENCIL - 2mm ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 JOINER'S PENCIL ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 TIPP-EX - these are the best I used ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 PERMANENT MARKERS ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 CHALK LINE ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️TRY TO GET THESE ON SITE BEFORE YOU BUY 😁 👇 RETRO TARGETS - Tell your senior engineer, or PM to order these and they will. It’s sometimes the waiting time…⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 STRING LINE - These will do. You can always get a one on reel, or with a handle. The thicker the better really, but don’t go crazy of course 😁 ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 SURVEY BOOK - They should have these on the site, if not tell them to order 😁 ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️FEW EXTRAS I USE TOO 👇 SMALL SPIRIT LEVEL - you can always borrow from a Chippie if needed 😁 ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 KNIFE ⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 GLASSES - Despite you will get safety glasses, on some sites they’re really low quality and I don’t want to get my sight worse using them. Fortunately it’s a rare situation :) 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 GLOVES - I got them first on one of the jobs and I use only these from then 😁⬇️⬇️ 👉 🤍 0:00 intro - what's in the video 0:31 beam reinforcement drawing 1:48 column reinforcement drawing 3:03 slab reinforcement drawing 3:38 drawing abbreviations meaning 4:07 slab sections & bars explained 5:38 shearlinks 6:51 beam bar bending schedule 7:50 slab bar bending schedule 8:14 column bar bending schedule 8:41 rebar shape codes 11:04 working area of steel 13:51 please like and subscribe JOIN the best engineering community 👍👍👍SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!👍👍👍 leave the THUMBS UP!!! and follow the LinkedIn page 😁 —IMPORTANT— Some links in the description may contain one or more affiliate links for items mentioned in my videos - the items I personally use and recommend. You will support my channel if you use these links, as I will get a small commission of the sale. The price is exactly the same without the link, but this way you will help the continuous growth of the channel. Affiliate links are primarily Amazon. This video is about: setting out engineer,site engineer,civil engineering,construction drawings,civil engineer job,setting out engineer job,career in construction,civil engineer,construction site,civil engineer duties,work in construction,setting out,civil engineer work,construction in UK,pile caps,pile cap,rebar,rebar drawing,RC concrete,how to read a rebar drawings,rebar shape codes,reinforcement drawings,rebar drawing UK,steel reinforcement drawings UK 2021 LinkedIn: 🤍 #civilengineering #construction #rebar

Rebar beam and slab


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Construction technique - how to install beam rebar


Construction technique - how to install beam rebar Thank you for your watching the video. Please register to avoid missing any great experience. All video is shared by the construction 4.0 channel that is useful knowledge of work application, construction experience, guide building software, home construction. Not only learning from the best but also learning from the failure. Facebook: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Google+: 🤍

How To Calculate Rebar Cutting Length In A Beam With Lapping?


In this video, we're going to explain how to calculate the rebar cutting length in a beam with lapping. This is a useful skill for construction professionals and is used to reduce the amount of rebar required for beam construction. If you're working on a beam project and need to know how to calculate the rebar cutting length, watch this video! We'll walk you through the steps needed to calculate the length of rebar required for a beam with lapping. This information is essential for accurate beam construction and will help you save time and money! 1. Bend at 45 is taken = 1d 2. Bend at 90 is taken = 2d 3. Bend at 135 is taken = 3d = 🎯If you like our video don't forget to press the button "SUBSCRIBE 🔔" & "Like 👍"! Thanks for watching! 😍😍😍 = ✅ Support My YouTube Channel ➡️ 🤍 Our Social Media🌐 ► Drop a like on Facebook: 🤍 ► Hit me up on Instagram: 🤍 ► Connect with me on LinkedIn: 🤍 ► Follow us on Pinterest: 🤍 ► Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 ► Follow us on Quora: 🤍 ► Subscribe to Engineering Infinity Channel: 🤍 ► Check out our Website: 🤍 ► For any kind of your suggestion, please write to me in the comment box or email me:🤍 = #lapping #cutting length #beam Have a wonderful day! 🤗

REINFORCEMENT: How to install rebar BEAM - Steel reinforcement


REINFORCEMENT: How to install rebar BEAM - Steel reinforcement Thanks for watching please support my channel I hope you interested this video please like and share thank you 😊

Beam rebar Diameter to be restricted as per column size for Ductile detailing.


The longitudinal beam reinforcement extends through a beam-column joint. The column dimension parallel to the beam reinforcement shall not be less than 20 times the diameter of the largest longitudinal beam bar. The analysis model is prepared by the user in various analysis software. It is presumed that the user has checked all the requirements before proceeding to design in RCDC. Hence, in RCDC we consider that column sizes available from analysis files are final. In order to comply with the clauses mentioned earlier, for beam detailing, RCDC will restrict the rebar to be provided in beam at column-junction as per column size. This is applicable to top and Bottom reinforcement of beam along with SFR (Skin reinforcement). Relevant clause numbers 1. IS:13920 – 2016 - 7.1.1 and of IS 13920-2016 2. ACI 318M – 2014 / ACI 318 – 2014 – 3. ACI 318M – 2019 – 4. NSCP C101 – 2015 – 418.8.2.3

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