*I Got Scammed* Buying the Worst Rated Scam Slimes And Comparing It to What It Advertised

Talisa Tossell

Talisa Tossell

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I got scammed, i prepared myself for this as I ordered the worst rated scam slimes and so i bough the genuinely amazing products they advertised to compare them! The professional, wonderful slimes (in order) are from 🤍Kawaii.slime.company on tik tok and instagram *CODE TALISA10 FOR 10% OFF ON WEBSITE* 🤍ScentedSlimeByAmy on instagram/🤍Scentedslime on tik tok *CODE TALISA20 FOR 20% ON WEBSITE* 🤍RetroSlimeCompany on tik tok and instagram *CODE TALISA FOR 20% OFF ON WEBSITE* most slimes in this review, from genuine shops, were gifted slimes. suggest video ideas: 🤍docs.google.com/forms/d/1_aPwoGFSb3DJOTHS7RU4wYaOuHcH5weczoe0JOvqaKI/viewform?edit_requested=true My vlog channel: 🤍🤍youtube.com/user/talisalaurentossellx WATCH IN HD AND EXPAND FOR LINKS! Leave a comment and i'll try my best to reply! Don't forget to give this a thumbs up and subscribe! ♥ you loads. Contact me: contacttalisa🤍gmail.com ♥ WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME: Slime Instagram: 🤍Talisa.Tossell Non Slime Instagram: 🤍TalisaTossellOfficial Twitter 🤍talisatossell TikTok 🤍TalisaTossell DISCLAIMER: You should understand that when you are involved in any 'do it yourself' method, or participation in any of the activities attempted in these videos, there is a risk of physical injury. If you engage in this method, or any other activities exhibited across this channel, you agree you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself and agree to release and discharge Talisa Tossell from any or all claims or causes of actions known or unknown, arising out of Talisa Tossell's negligence. All videos are often colour adjusted, please bare this in mind if buying any products shown in this video. All videos on this channel are made purely for entertainment and are not intended to influence people.

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*I Got Scammed* Buying the Worst Rated Scam Slimes And Comparing It to What It Advertised
*I Got Scammed* Buying the Worst Rated Scam Slimes And Comparing It to What It Advertised
*I Got Scammed* Buying the Worst Rated Scam Slimes And Comparing It to What It Advertised
*I Got Scammed* Buying the Worst Rated Scam Slimes And Comparing It to What It Advertised
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-12-06 01:34:50

Is there any video that doesn’t do the smile noise? It makes me uncomfortable 😭 but I like looking at them and hearing the review

2023-12-05 22:43:53

hewwo (hello people)

2023-12-03 02:17:26

Did you actually expected such a beautiful picture and get the same thing back? No shit you’re not getting the same thing because theres almost a 5% chance thats not a scam. This is america or what ever country you live in. Many scams happen.

2023-12-01 18:20:44

Where would you get the “Fuwa fuwa icee cloud” slime? I assume etsy but am not sure

2023-12-01 06:49:36

why g4-Jax7YOpE&t=7m27s 7:27 (scam slime) is soo good even its a scam lol

2023-11-29 10:48:06

g4-Jax7YOpE&t=4m30s 4:30

2023-11-28 23:25:43

g4-Jax7YOpE&t=1m23s 1:23 to g4-Jax7YOpE&t=1m29s 1:29 made me uncomfortable for some reason that slime looks so… just weird

2023-11-28 07:08:38

g4-Jax7YOpE&t=1m25s 1:25 okay stop, this slime here, actually looks kinda cool

2023-11-28 00:33:03

I am delighted with this iron can. It looks surreal

2023-11-22 21:01:22

Can we talk about how she buried the teddy on the icy cloud slime?😂
R.i.p dear teddy😔😔

2023-11-21 21:24:11


2023-10-22 02:19:54

Bro she drizzled over the bear

2023-10-17 01:21:11

She playing with dookie!!!!!!! 🤮😵🤢🫣🤢😷 g4-Jax7YOpE&t=6m22s 6:22

2023-10-17 01:18:09

Teddy. Noo!!!. There was one bear gone but the second bear gone.

2023-10-14 12:22:11

Am i the only one who really don't like that it always says "i got scammed" but they where bougth on purpose?

2023-10-12 01:36:35

How is it legal to sell slime in a [rusty] tin can? Customers could cut themselves.

2023-10-11 23:47:38

g4-Jax7YOpE&t=0m56s 0:56 So we arent gonna talk about how this would go off so good as a toxic waste slime

2023-09-16 02:23:26

how do you know those are a "scam" slime shop. Because you're
Just trying to make these slime shops look like a scam so then nobody would buy from them.

2023-09-14 23:09:38

If I had that Matcha Kittea scam slime, I would’ve touched it with my bare hands, well of course when it doesn’t have a bad scent too.

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