Duncan Laurence - Someone Else - Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

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Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence performed his new song Someone Else at the Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light show on 16 May 2020. - If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit 🤍eurovision.tv Shop the official Eurovision Song Contest merchandise: 🤍shop.eurovision.tv/ Follow us on Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/eurovision Follow us on Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/Eurovision Follow us on Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/EurovisionSongContest/

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Duncan Laurence - Someone Else - Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light
Duncan Laurence - Someone Else - Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light
Duncan Laurence - Someone Else - Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light
Duncan Laurence - Someone Else - Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light
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2022-01-28 04:46:41

He has his own way of captivating the audience with just his voice and the piano. Can we have a fixed city to host the competition already?

Thijs Jansen
2021-12-26 21:57:38

I never noticed how bad this performance was.

2021-11-24 10:02:32

He is so amazing, I love this song so much

Sugar Addict Dolphin
2021-06-17 12:41:18

Why isn't he singing this song like studio version? The way he singing the part ' thinking about YOU' is much beautiful there. If you pay attention to the way he says word 'you' is better there.

2021-05-22 07:12:49


Maureen Smedes
2021-05-15 17:49:49


Fahreta Jusic
2021-05-06 10:54:42

This guy sings with his entire soul, heart. He has amazing, fabulous, very beautiful.... voice.
Even though I am not big fan of this type of music, I got addicted to his songs because of his vocal abilities.... beautiful voice, beautiful soul....., since 2019.

Serdar Büyükçetin
2021-04-13 08:32:18

This is still the best video for me 😂
I love this acoustic live version of the song soo muuch!! 😍🤩
SOO EMOTIONAL, so stripped back.
His voice, piano, sound, video, lights and everything! 😭😭💙

Indrani Das
2021-04-11 12:40:37

This song is somehow even better than Arcade...lyrics😍

2021-03-10 14:36:37

106 personas sin corazón le dieron dislike al video

Daniel Hurtado
2021-03-07 16:52:45

Whit this song also could he win

Johan Klomp
2021-03-04 21:05:28

Je bent zo'n leuke jongen. 👍🏼

2021-03-01 06:18:12

Bizim için eurovision 2012'de bitti

Johan Klomp
2021-02-26 21:47:21

Ik hoop dat je snel van je paniekaanvallen ervan bent. Je kunt zo goed zingen, ik ben een fan van je. 👍🏽

2021-02-13 11:12:19

WOW his voice is so nice and angelic and smooth. He definitely would've won the eurovision with this song

Nezrin Rustemova
2021-01-28 22:33:06

İ am from Azerbaijan and love Duncan 🥰🥰🥰

Kemal Legal Alien
2021-01-14 18:12:15

Pleaseee sing this in Eurovision 2021 stage again🤩🤩

rip cooper
2020-11-15 00:02:01

the most beautiful thing i've seen and heard at the same time and yet Duncan sings a hearth broken song!

Yu Ki
2020-11-10 15:12:36


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