2023 GMC Canyon | First Impressions and Improvements



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We review the pros and cons of the brand-new 2023 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado. In this first impression video, we explain some of the technical changes with the help of American Engineers. We detail some of the improvements in quality to make it less disposable. Others to consider are Ford Maverick, Ford Ranger, Kia Telluride, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and more. #cars #work #technology 00:00 Intro, Interior, and Exterior 4:36 Driving Impressions 11:00 Final Thoughts

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2023 GMC Canyon | First Impressions and Improvements
2023 GMC Canyon | First Impressions and Improvements
2023 GMC Canyon | First Impressions and Improvements
2023 GMC Canyon | First Impressions and Improvements
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2023-10-02 01:31:08

If I were buying a truck, I'd shop this class. Better size and drivability, more practical and efficient. Full-size behemoths are a nightmare to navigate around in and handle as well as a castle. This class of vehicle feels more intimate and less jarring, perfect for daily usage

2023-09-18 23:11:55

I find the truck really appealing but I can't get past how much it costs.

2023-09-13 10:46:53

The did screwup the back seat. It does not fold its affixed to the back wall. storage is super limited and there is a ton of wasted space.

2023-09-10 06:37:37

No longevity 👎

2023-09-09 01:46:24

feel like the design of the headlights should be a little thicker love the shape just looks too thin

2023-08-27 06:00:15

I think they should’ve put the 3.0L diesel in this frame. Imagine that power on this truck, naturally balanced, torque from the get go. I think the 3.0 would’ve been a game changer in a truck this size

2023-08-26 22:38:09

It’s not Japanese so not buying it 😂

2023-08-18 23:58:18

Has anyone had issue with the electronics?

I received my Canyon Elevation a week ago and had to return it less than 24 hours later. The Electronic went haywire. Error messages, and the Backup Camera on while in drive.
Any suggestions?

The Dealership has really been helpful with giving me Used Cars off their lot and now a rental. But I would really love to have my truck. First time I've owned a truck.

2023-08-09 02:31:55

Where is the Colorado video? I'm going to look at one of these turds next week and need talked out of it.

2023-08-08 18:30:40

... the only time I prefer a midsize truck is when I'm looking for a parking spot. all other times more truck is usually better.

2023-08-04 00:09:31

But it’s not a replacement for a v8….

2023-08-03 06:37:17

We need a long bed!!

2023-07-31 06:26:14

Is there a sputter noise during acceleration? I recently picked up my At4 sound during acceleration is almost like the truck has the walking farts.

2023-07-30 17:00:10

how do you find the reliability tho? always a concern when considering anything outside of Japanese brand.

2023-07-28 13:55:30

As a one week owner of a Colorado Z71, you hit the nail on the head perfectly.

1. I love the interior space. Being 5’9”, I have zero issues. The interior quality is leagues better than the previous AND it doesn’t feel like a claustrophobic hell-hole inside. The previous Colorado/Canyon was just stuffy, boring, cheap, and uncomfortable.

2. The styling is on point. Looks better than the Silverado and they’re muscular. The only trim I don’t like is the Trail Boss since it looks like a work truck and you don’t get many features on the inside as compared to a fully loaded LT for $2k less.

3. The drivetrain and suspension is surprisingly awesome. Coming from an SS 1LE that had magnetic ride, this truck is like riding on a cloud. I loved the 1LE suspension because, for how low and stiff it is, it was very comfortable. This truck is even more comfortable which is crazy for a midsize truck. It soaks up road bumps and small holes, and it handles corners very well.

The engine is smooth and powerful. The stop start feature isn’t jarring nor intrusive. I’ll be going 85 down the highway and hardly notice because of how well the truck performs and feels.

Highly recommend this truck. It will probably be my daily for a few years and then I may be switching to the Tacoma. But, we shall see.

2023-07-23 22:57:46

Let's see how this truck goes in long term. It's a pretty good thing it will lead in towing, this time w/o diesel. Might rent one day. Wish they had a light switch on the column instead of the infotainment screen. (Hopefully minor of its on automatic). Maybe the direct injection will do pretty well on this truck.(Hoping so). Other than that, doesn't seem so bad.

2023-07-23 18:44:18

Thanks for your review, Love this truck But worried that the 4banger Turbo will not hold up for 200k miles I believe that Nissan or Honda V6 better choice for reliability and long mileage

2023-07-21 20:13:35

I feel like we're kind of getting the 2.7L crammed down our throat whether we actually want it or not. More of a "it's good enough for everything so we're not offering alternatives" vs offering an engine that excels in MPG (2.8L Duramax) or raw capability (V8). Would the 3.0L Duramax really not fit in one of these?

2023-07-21 15:27:27

Very refreshing to finally hear mention of vehicle pricing. The question you pose is exactly correct. Will a person move towards a bigger truck bye to pricing as you build out one of the “smaller” trucks? To me, the answer would be no simply because as you move to a bigger vehicle, it gets insanely expensive so any reasonable person simply swallows the crap that is given only because it allows you to be at a now reasonable price point. The era of being able to get a full size truck to work with is way over. One must now look towards these smaller trucks as a way to affordable step in to the truck world. Thankfully it appears according to this review that at least GM is stepping up the game to give a better performing product and not the “shit box” experience of the past at this level.

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